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  1. Fundamental Analysis

    Decoding DuPont Analysis

    Get a deeper understanding of ROE with these three-step and five-step calculations.
  2. Fundamental Analysis

    Take On Risk With A Margin of Safety

    More common risk theories can lead to missed opportunities. Find out how margin of safety can propel your portfolio.
  3. Active Trading

    Don't Let Stock Prices Fool You

    Find out why a stock with a six-figure share price can still be a good value.
  4. Professionals

    How To Land A Finance Job With A Bachelor's Degree

    Following these five tips will keep your resume out of the recycling bin.
  5. Bonds & Fixed Income

    Credit Default Swaps: An Introduction

    This derivative can help manage portfolio risk, but it isn't a simple vehicle.
  6. Mutual Funds & ETFs

    Why Leveraged ETFs Don't Always Boost Returns

    These ETFs don't always provide the returns you expect. Find out why this happens, and what you can do about it.
  7. Options & Futures

    5 Common Mistakes Young Investors Make

    Starting to invest can be a scary process. Luckily, steering clear of common errors is half the battle.
  8. Taxes

    What You Need To Know About Capital Gains And Taxes

    Find out how your profits are taxed and what to consider when making investment decisions.
  9. Forex Education

    5 Reasons To Avoid Index Funds

    Index funds are an easy way to gain access to the financial markets, but here are five reasons why they may not be right for you.
  10. Markets

    Company Clone Cost Reveals True Value

    Find out how calculating a reproduction cost for a company can beat out the dividend discount model.
  11. Bonds & Fixed Income

    Don't Go Broke Buying Bankrupt Stocks

    Don't be tricked by bankrupt companies' low stock prices; they're low for a reason.
  12. Fundamental Analysis

    Investing Basics: Flight To Quality

    At times of market stress, investors flee from risky assets to investments the safest ones available.
  13. Mutual Funds & ETFs

    5 Reasons To Avoid Index Funds

    Indexes are a hands-off way for investors to access the markets, but in some cases, nothing beats active investing.
  14. Bonds & Fixed Income

    Distressed Debt An Avenue To Profit In Corporate Bankruptcy

    Use debt securities to attack bankrupt companies and scavenge them for profits.
  15. Professionals

    Tips To Beat Tough Interviews

    Learn how to answer some of the hardest interviewer questions and scenarios.
  16. Stock Analysis

    Costco Blends Low Costs With High Profits

    Discount club Costco saw profits rise 32% as price-conscious consumers flocked to its outlets.
  17. Stock Analysis

    Cost Cuts Fill The Gap

    Revenue slipped 5% for the quarter, yet Gap managed to boost earnings by cutting operating expenses and cost of goods sold.
  18. Stock Analysis

    American Airlines: Pack Light, Or Pay Up

    AMR will now charge passengers $15 for their first checked bag. It's also cutting flights by 12% - bad news for AMR and the industry.
  19. Stock Analysis

    More Troubles For Fannie Mae

    Chalk up another $2.2 billion in losses for America's largest mortgage buyer. Fannie's gloomy story is a warning for the industry.
  20. Stock Analysis

    Pride Leads To Yahoo's Downfall

    Yahoo CEO Jerry Yang decided it was better to reign in hell than serve in Microsoft's relative heaven. It's doubtful shareholders agree.
  21. Stock Analysis

    CVS Posts Record Profits

    Despite the slowing U.S economy, CVS is still going strong.
  22. Stock Analysis

    Kraft Sales Grow, Input Costs Drag

    Despite a drop in profits, Kraft beat estimates and saw its sales climb.
  23. Stock Analysis

    Wachovia's Checklist To Diminish Share Value

    Wachovia released bad news on top of bad news. What is in store for the nation's fourth largest bank?
  24. Stock Analysis

    Citigroup Sheds $12 billion In Risky Loans

    Frozen credit markets may be beginning to thaw. Citi managed to sell $12 billion in leveraged loans, and other sales could follow.
  25. Stock Analysis

    UBS, Deutsche Bank Latest Subprime Confessors

    UBS and Deutsche Bank pre-announced more write-downs from subprime linked troubles. The good news is that the end may be in sight.
  26. Stock Analysis

    FDIC To Fremont: Put Up Or Shut The Doors

    Fremont General has to shore up capital for its banking unit. Failure would mean the biggest U.S. bank collapse in 20 years.
  27. Stock Analysis

    Mutual Funds With Hedge Fund Ambitions

    Most investors don't have the coin to invest in hedge funds, but many mutual funds are bringing these strategies to the common man.
  28. Stock Analysis

    Clear Channel And Banks Play Tug Of War

    The long-awaited private equity buyout of Clear Channel has hit a roadblock. The banks are now balking at financing the deal.
  29. Stock Analysis

    Visa Debuts At No.1

    Visa became the largest IPO in U.S. history, and with the oversubscription options possibly the biggest in the world. Should you buy in?
  30. Stock Analysis

    Pick A Retirement Date: Target-Date Funds Will Do The Rest

    If stock picking makes your palms sweat and asset-allocation strategies make your head spin, these mutual funds can help.
  31. Stock Analysis

    Scrutinizing The Bear Stearns Fallout

    Several burning questions were left in the wake of the Bear Stearns buyout. We examine the implications for the broader market.
  32. Stock Analysis

    Bear Stearns' $2 Catastrophe

    JPMorgan Chase saved Bear Stearns from bankruptcy and may have grabbed a bargain to boot.
  33. Stock Analysis

    Blackstone In The Red

    Blackstone stock has dropped more than 50% since its June IPO, and things do not look to be improving in the near term.
  34. Stock Analysis

    H&R Block Returns To Its True Love

    H&R Block split from its subprime unit, Option One, to refocus on taxes. The move had to be made, but recovery will be slow and painful.
  35. Stock Analysis

    Straight AAAs For Failing Bond Insurers

    S&P reaffirmed the 'AAA' ratings of MBIA and Ambac - yet another case where the report card is more about self esteem than results.
  36. Stock Analysis

    Worried About The Economy? Use Short ETFs

    With the possibility of further declines in the equity markets, short ETFs provide a valuable hedge.
  37. Stock Analysis

    Countrywide Banks On BofA (BAC, CFC)

    With Countrywide on the verge of bankruptcy, Bank of America came to the rescue with $4 billion to buy out its stock transactions.
  38. Stock Analysis

    Visa, MasterCard, and Now General Electric? (GE)

    Consumer credit financing is big business. GE created its own card and partnered with major companies across the U.S. to take advantage.
  39. Stock Analysis

    Citi Welcomes Back Its Wayward SIVs (C)

    Citi's new CEO's first move is adding $49 billion in structured investment vehicles to the balance sheet. The dividend could suffer.
  40. Stock Analysis

    Nuance Offers Unrecognized Potential (NUAN)

    Nuance is still showing losses, but shouldn't be for long. Despite a large run up, the shares look good going forward.
  41. Stock Analysis

    Fannie And Freddie Show Severity Of Mortgage Woes (FNM, ...

    Both companies are known for buying only the safest mortgages, but that hasn't mattered recently. They are seeing big losses.
  42. Stock Analysis

    Green Investing: ETFs vs. Individual Stocks

    Discover which strategy suits your style: the safety of ETFs, or the volatile, yet possibly explosive returns of individual stocks.
  43. Stock Analysis

    Five Green Mutual Funds You Need To Know

    Green investing has been providing investors great returns. We examine five funds to help you get in on the action.
  44. Stock Analysis

    Pfizer's Exubera Pflops (PFE)

    Pfizer took a $2.8 billion hit when it cancelled Exubera from its product line - is the worst now over, or is there more to come?
  45. Stock Analysis

    Google Still A Bargain At $600+ (GOOG)

    Google's stock just cracked the $600 barrier - insane price? A peek at the P/E multiple reveals Google could still be a steal.
  46. Stock Analysis

    Freddie Mac Pays For Scandal (FRE)

    This mortgage company has tough times right now, but its long-term outlook may not be so bleak.
  47. Stock Analysis

    Oracle's Vision Paying Off (ORCL)

    Oracle's earnings provide a positive omen for the company and the technology industry as a whole.
  48. Stock Analysis

    Freddie Mac Gets Slammed (FRE)

    Even the safest loans are getting hit by credit problems. What does this mean for the economy going forward?
  49. Stock Analysis

    One Thousand Reasons To Reconsider GM?

    The U.S. auto maker's $1,000 incentive plan sparked sales. However, gimmicks aside, it's quality that drives long-term success.
  50. Stock Analysis

    Subprime Casualty List

    A look at some of the major victims of the subprime fallout, and the possible opportunities within them.
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