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  1. Laws & Regulations


    A felony is the most serious type of criminal offense.
  2. Laws & Regulations

    Reasonable Doubt

    Reasonable Doubt is the standard of proof that must be exceeded to secure a conviction in a criminal case.
  3. Laws & Regulations


    Redaction is the process of blanking out confidential or sensitive information from a document before disclosure or publication. ...
  4. Laws & Regulations


    A deposition is testimony made under oath and taken down in writing by an authorized officer of the court, typically in an ...
  5. Bonds / Fixed Income

    An Introduction to Convertible Bonds

    Getting caught up in all the details and intricacies of convertible bonds can make them appear more complex then they really ...
  6. Laws & Regulations


    Subpoena is a formal written order issued by a court that requires a person to appear in court and testify, or produce document.
  7. Investing Strategy

    Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis and Retrieval - EDGAR

    The electronic filing system created by the Securities and Exchange Commission for the purpose of increasing efficiency and ...
  8. Laws & Regulations


    Perjury is the act of lying under oath or intentionally signing or certifying a false or misleading document.
  9. Financial Analysis

    Karl Marx

    Karl Marx is a philosopher, author and economist famous for his ideas about capitalism and communism. Father of Marxism.
  10. Credit, Loans & Mortgages

    Understanding Credit Card Interest

    Paying these rates can impact your disposable income and your investment returns.
  11. Laws & Regulations


    Indictment is a document that formally charges a person with a criminal act and lists the charges faced by that individual.
  12. Laws & Regulations

    Contempt of Court

    Contempt of Court is an act of disrespect or disobedience towards a court, or interference with its orderly process.
  13. Laws & Regulations

    First Amendment

    The First Amendment protects a number of fundamental rights for Americans – freedom of religion, speech, press, assembly ...
  14. Crime & Fraud


    Extortion is the wrongful use of actual or threatened force, violence or intimidation to gain money or property from an individual ...
  15. Entrepreneurship

    Larry Ellison

    Larry Ellison is the founder of software company Oracle Corporation. He is known for his immense wealth and his trophy properties.
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