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  1. Term

    Readvanceable Mortgage

    A mortgage feature that allows the borrower to re-borrow the principal amount of the original mortgage that has been paid down. A readvanceable mortgage consists of a mortgage and a Line of Credit (LoC) ...
  2. Term

    Nest Egg

    A substantial sum of money that has been saved or invested for a specific purpose. A nest egg is generally earmarked for longer-term objectives, the most common being retirement, buying a home and education. ...
  3. Term

    Relativity Trap

    A psychological or behavioral trap that leads people to make irrational choices when making spending decisions.
  4. Term

    Installment Debt

    A loan that is repaid by the borrower in regular installments. Installment debt is generally repaid in equal monthly payments that include interest and a portion of principal.
  5. Investing Basics

    Warrants And Call Options

    Warrants and call options are securities that are quite similar in many respects, but they also have some notable differences. Both give the holder the right, but not the obligation, to buy a common share ...
  6. General

    Retail Banking Vs. Corporate Banking

    Retail banking refers to the division of a bank that deals directly with retail customers. Also known as consumer banking or personal banking, retail banking is the visible face of banking to the general ...
  7. Term

    Superiority Trap

    A psychological or behavioral trap that leads people to believe that they have superior skill in some areas.
  8. Term

    Structural Unemployment

    A longer-lasting form of unemployment caused by fundamental shifts in an economy.
  9. Term

    Bid Support

    A manipulative practice employed to prop up a company’s stock price on the open market.
  10. Term

    Conflict Theory

    A theory propounded by Karl Marx that claims society is in a state of perpetual conflict due to competition for limited resources. Conflict theory holds that social order is maintained by domination and ...
  11. Term

    Competitive Intelligence

    The process of collecting and analyzing information about competitors’ strengths and weaknesses in a legal and ethical manner to enhance business decision-making.
  12. Term

    Silent Partner

    An individual whose involvement in a partnership is limited to providing capital to the business.
  13. Term

    Economic Espionage

    The unlawful targeting and theft of a nation’s critical economic intelligence. Economic espionage may include the clandestine acquisition or outright theft of invaluable proprietary information in a number ...
  14. Term

    Sin Stock

    A stock of a company that is either involved in or associated with an activity that is considered to be unethical or immoral.
  15. Term

    Story Stock

    A stock that is trading markedly higher on optimistic expectations about its potential profits down the road.
  16. Term

    Street Expectation

    The average estimate of a public company’s quarterly earnings and revenues, derived from forecasts of securities analysts who provide research coverage on the company.
  17. Term

    Backflip Takeover

    An uncommon type of takeover in which the acquirer becomes a subsidiary of the acquired or targeted company, with business after the takeover conducted in the name of the acquired company. A backflip takeover ...
  18. Term

    Non-Deliverable Swap - NDS

    A currency swap between major and minor currencies that is restricted or not convertible. A non-deliverable swap (NDS) is so-called because there is no delivery of the two currencies involved in the swap, ...
  19. Term


    An abrupt and steep decline in the price of a stock or equity index.
  20. Bonds & Fixed Income

    How Exchange Risk Affects Foreign Bonds

    Investors include foreign bonds in their portfolios to take advantage of higher interest rates or yields, and to diversify their holdings. However, the higher return expected from investing in foreign ...
  21. Retirement

    Consumer Confidence: A Killer Statistic

    The consumer confidence is key to any market economy, so investors need to learn the measures and how to analyze them.
  22. Professionals

    No Finance Degree? No Problem! Top 10 Ways To Jumpstart ...

    These tips should enable a non-financial graduate to substantially improve his or her chances of launching a career in finance.
  23. Investing

    Weighted Average Cost Of Capital (WACC)

    Weighted average cost of capital may be hard to calculate, but it's a solid way to measure investment quality
  24. Bonds & Fixed Income

    How Now, Dow? What Moves The DJIA?

    Find out how this index tracks market movements and where it falls short.
  25. Professionals

    Financial Advisor Client Guide

    This document is designed to help educate your clients on the products and services you provide.
  26. Economics

    How Monetary Policy Affects Your Investments

    Monetary policy changes can have a significant impact on every asset class. investors can position their portfolios to benefit from policy changes and boost returns by being aware of the nuances of monetary ...
  27. Term

    Risk Asset

    Any asset that carries a degree of risk. Risk asset generally refers to assets that have a significant degree of price volatility, such as equities, commodities, high-yield bonds, real estate, and currencies. ...
  28. Term

    Wire House

    An archaic term used to describe a broker-dealer. Modern-day wire houses can range from small regional brokerages to giant institutions with offices around the world.
  29. Term

    Encore Career

    A second vocation in the second half of one's life which seeks to combine a sense of purpose with public-service passion and a paycheck for people in their 50s and 60s.
  30. Term

    Economic Rent

    An excess payment made to or for a factor of production over and above the amount expected by its owner.
  31. Term

    Legal Tender

    Any official medium of payment recognized by law that can be used to extinguish a public or private debt, or meet a financial obligation.
  32. Term

    Growth Of 10K

    A graph that shows the change in value of an initial $10,000 investment over a period of time.
  33. Term

    Reputational Risk

    A threat or danger to the good name or standing of a business or entity.
  34. Fundamental Analysis

    Interpreting A Company's IPO Prospectus Report

    Learn to decipher the secret language of the IPO prospectus report - it can tell you a lot about a company's future.
  35. Term

    The Smith Maneuver

    A strategy that makes interest on a residential mortgage tax-deductible in Canada.
  36. Forex Strategies

    Introduction To Guerrilla Trading

    Guerilla trading can takes a lot of expereince, risk capital and mental fortitude; it is not for the novice investor.
  37. Term

    Guerrilla Trading

    A very short-term trading technique that aims to generate small profits while taking on very little risk per trade, and repeating this multiple times in a trading session. Guerrilla trades typically have ...
  38. Forex Strategies

    Trade Forex On Herd Instinct

    Use caution and commonsense when making trades according to herd instinct – use stop losses, avoid complacency and plan your exit strategy.
  39. Credit & Loans

    What's On A Consumer Credit Report?

    A look at the various components and considerations that go into one's credit report and credit score.
  40. Options & Futures

    The NYSE And Nasdaq: How They Work

    Learn some of the important differences in the way these exchanges operate and the securities that trade on them.
  41. Investing Basics

    Cash: A Call Option With No Expiration Date

    Cash is generally regarded as a drag on investment returns, but sometimes it may be preferable to hold a substantial cash amount instead of investing it in other assets. This is because having cash on ...
  42. Professionals

    Succeeding At The Series 63 Exam

    Your career as a securities agent begins with this test. We'll show you how to score high.
  43. Forex Education

    Why It's Important To Regulate Foreign Exchange

    In an increasingly globalized economy, the significance of the foreign exchange marketplace cannot be underestimated.
  44. Economics

    What Is Wrong With Gold?

    Despite its historic and symbolic appeal, this metal is simply a commodity. Here we explore its meaning as an investment.
  45. Term

    Golden Leash

    Special incentives offered to directors being nominated to serve on the board of a company by a major shareholder. A golden leash is designed to offer an incentive to the nominee directors to act in the ...
  46. Charts & Patterns

    Candlestick Charting: What Is It?

    Discover the components and basic patterns of this ancient technical analysis technique.
  47. Economics

    U.S. Vs. China: Battle To Be The Largest Economy In The ...

    America's lengthy title reign as "World's Largest Economy" is fast under threat by China's surging economic growth. Find out what the global rankings are forecasted to be for these economic powerhouses. ...
  48. Economics

    Currency Trading On The Black Market

    The black market for currencies is increasingly becoming prevalent in nations marked by certain adverse economic factors such as high inflation rates and unrealistically high exchange rates.
  49. Trading Strategies

    How To Outperform The Market

    Active trading is an investing style that aims to beat the market. Find out how it works, and whether it will work for you.
  50. Insurance

    Everything Investors Need To Know About Earnings

    We go over the concepts behind the excitement over the most important figure in the stock market.
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