Andrew Beattie

Andrew Beattie

Andrew Beattie has spent most of his career writing, editing and managing Web content in all its many forms. He is especially interested in the future of search and the application of analytics to the business world.

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  1. Investing

    Buyers Want Yahoo Japan, Not Yahoo

    Buyers may be more interested in Yahoo’s Japanese counterpart than the company itself.
  2. Investing

    Saudis Threaten to Divest from US Economy: So What?

    The potential impact of Saudi Arabia taking its ball and going home will be blunted largely by the timing of it.
  3. Investing

    Can Nokia Make A Comeback? (NOK)

    Many investors are looking at Nokia and wondering if it has the chemistry and the luck to pull off a comeback in the competitive arena of mobile tech.
  4. Investing

    How Bad Saudi-U.S. Relations Could Affect Oil

    The relationship between the world’s most powerful democratic republic and an Islamic monarchy appears to be on the rocks.
  5. Investing

    The New Corporate Inversion Rules' Biggest Losers

    The U.S. Treasury Department's crackdown on inversions will scuttle big deals and possibly affect national economies.
  6. Investing

    Diamonds Are Joining the Commodity Slide

    Diamonds aren't cheap, but they are cheaper than a great many diamond miners wish they were.
  7. Investing

    BMW's AI Car is a Sci-Fi Vision

    As with any concept car, there are some interesting insights into BMW's thought process apart from the shiny futuristic features.
  8. Investing

    Are Corruption and Growth Conjoined?

    When you line up the corruption index with the fastest growing economies, the top 5 developed economies aren't above 70th place on the corruption index.
  9. Investing

    Iranian Oil is Back After Embargo--or Is it?

    The delivery of oil to a refinery outside of Gibraltar marks the return of Iranian oil to Europe and the beginning of the easing of sanctions that will culminate in Iran once again being a global supplier.
  10. Investing

    Buffet is Bargain Shopping In Oil Rout

    Warren Buffett obviously sees value in the sector right now and investors looking to ride along with him will want to see a return on a more modest timeline.
  11. Investing

    Will The Oil Bust Break The Banks? (JPM,WFC)

    Major banks helped fund the boom in U.S. production through loans to oil firms. Will they suffer in the bust?
  12. Economics

    What Caused the Great Depression?

    Learn how government actions may have contributed to this major economic downturn.
  13. Investing News

    The Oil Sector's Three Big Challenges

    2015 wasn't a good year if you were an oil producer, an oil services firm or in any way connected to the oil sector. 2016 so far doesn't look much better.
  14. Economics

    The Top Financial Events of 2015

    In thinking back on last year, the underlying story of 2015 is actually a positive surprise.
  15. Retirement

    Men Losing to Women in the Retirement Race

    It looks like women are (once again) proving smarter than men when it comes to planning for the future.
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