Andrew Beattie

Andrew Beattie

Andrew Beattie has spent most of his career writing, editing and managing Web content in all its many forms. He is especially interested in the future of search and the application of analytics to the business world.

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  1. Markets & Economy

    Market Access

    Market access refers to the ability of a company or country to sell goods and services across borders.
  2. Investing Strategy

    September Effect

    The September Effect refers to the historical weakness in stock market returns for the month of September.
  3. Investing Strategy

    Hamptons Effect

    The Hamptons Effect refers to a dip in trading prior to the labor day weekend followed by increased trading volume as traders and investors return from the long weekend.
  4. Politics & Money


    Breentry (AKA Breversal or Bremain) refers to the campaign to convince U.K. lawmakers to reverse the process of separating from the European Union.
  5. Asset Allocation

    How did George Soros "break the Bank of England"?

    In Britain, Black Wednesday (September 16, 1992) is known as the day that speculators broke the pound. They didn't actually break it, but they forced the British government to pull it from the European ...
  6. Politics & Money

    Conduct Costs

    Conduct costs are any payments made by a bank in the settlement of regulatory decisions, litigation or fines.
  7. High Net Worth Strategy

    The Hedge Fund Shakeout

    For a long time, the hedge fund industry has been a great place to be. That may be changing.
  8. Markets & Economy

    Optimistic Moody's Upgrades China

    Moody’s view on China seems a lot like an optimistic friend trying to cheer the investing world up.
  9. Banking

    Conduct Costs Paid by Banks Are Up (BAC, JPM)

    The money paid to handle regulatory or financial penalties by banks have been growing according to a report from the CCP Research Foundation.
  10. People

    Soros's 13F Shows Continued Bearishness on Markets

    George Soros has apparently decided that 86 is indeed too young to retire.
  11. Financial Analysis

    The 4 Basic Elements of Stock Value

    Investors use these four measures to determine a stock's worth. Find out how to use them.
  12. Investing Strategy

    Defining the 3 Types of Investments

    The first step to being a successful investor is knowing what is and isn't an investment.
  13. Commodities

    J.D. Rockefeller: From Oil Baron To Billionaire

    Almost 80 years after his death, this man remains one of the great figures of Wall Street.
  14. Investing Strategy

    Brexit Dents London’s Property Market

    As Brexit continues to unfold, there will be more volatility plays.
  15. Investing Strategy

    6 Dangerous Moves for First-Time Investors

    First-time investors beware of these potentially disastrous decisions.
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