Robert Gray

Robert Gray is a freelance journalist. He has covered economic and market booms and busts in the US and Europe for Fox Business Network and Bloomberg TV, among other media outlets. In addition to financial and general news, Gray covers the business of life: entertainment, sports, technology, and travel.

  1. Stocks

    3 Forces Could Drive These Housing Stocks Higher

    These three key forces are likely to drive important housing related stocks.
  2. Markets & Economy

    Why Drug Stocks Will Outperform the S&P and Dow

    Big drug stocks are rallying as Trump remains silent on promises to crack down on drug prices.
  3. Investing

    VIX ETFs: Wall Street's Risky Trade on Volatility

    Traders are making big risky bets on exchange-traded products tied to the VIX.
  4. Investing

    These Oil Stocks Are at Risk From Venezuela's Chaos

    Things are going from bad to worse for oil companies in Venezuela.
  5. Stocks

    6 Energy Stocks Set to Raise Dividends as Oil Prices Stabilize

    Big oil companies such as Exxon Mobil are set to raise their dividends in 2017 as oil prices stabilize.
  6. Stocks

    Move Over Tech! The Market Has a New Winner

    Telecom stocks outperformed techs in July. How long will it last?
  7. Stocks

    8 Dividend Champions for Tough Times

    Investors hedging against a market decline may consider aerospace and defense companies such as Boeing.
  8. Stocks

    8 Energy Stocks That Can Outperform Amid Weak Oil

    While falling oil prices have pushed the sector's stocks down, 8 energy stocks could rally.
  9. Stocks

    Goldman, Citigroup Face Rocky Earnings Season

    Big banks face an uncertain earnings season amid the capital markets slowdown and political uncertainty.
  10. Stocks

    Bargain Hunting in Telecom, Energy, Financials (MKTX, SCHW, WAL)

    Investors looking for alternatives to the volatile tech sector may want to consider these sectors.
  11. Stocks

    Why These 4 Tech Stocks May Beat Apple, Facebook (CRM, ULTI, CTRP)

    A leading tech investor sees these stocks outpacing the FAANG stocks.
  12. Company Insights

    Wal-Mart's Biggest Threat Isn't Amazon (WMT, AMZN)

    Walmart is taking on Amazon for digital retail supremacy but investors should look at these German retailers.
  13. Stocks

    Why These Chip Makers, Cloud Stocks Will Rise (APH, TEL, AMT)

    Chipmakers and cloud-computing companies may get a boost from the rise of smart technology.
  14. Company Insights

    Blackstone Bets Big on Trump's Infrastructure Plan (BX, BAM)

    Blackstone Group's CEO is placing the biggest bet in history on infrastructure spending.