Matt Blackman

Matt Blackman, the host of, is a technical trader, author, keynote speaker and regular contributor to a number of trading publications and investment/trading websites in North America and Europe. He also writes a weekly market letter.

In addition to mentions and articles published on such websites as Barrons Online, CBS MarketWatch and, his articles have appeared in such publications as Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities, SFO Magazine, Trader Monthly, Working Money, Physician's Money Digest, Laffer Economics, The Wellington Letter,, Advantage, Traders Mag (Europe), Active Trader,, and

Matt has also written articles on a wide variety of international finance and e-commerce business-related topics for such publications as E-Commerce Quarterly, Offshore Finance USA, Offshore Finance Canada, Offshore Outlook, Shore-to-Shore and Shoreliner Magazine.

In a September 2004 article for Offshore Investment Magazine, he was referred to as "one of Western Canada's leading international financial analysts" by Walter H. Diamond, economist and author of more than 80 texts on international taxation and trade. Blackman is a member of the Market Technicians Association (MTA) and the Technical Securities Analysts Association (TSAA).

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  1. Trading Strategy

    10 Steps To Building A Winning Trading Plan

    It's impossible to avoid disaster without trading rules - make sure you know how to devise them for yourself.
  2. Financial Analysis

    The Leap-Year Phenomenon

    Find out if you can build a strategy around the behavior of the market in the presidential cycle.
  3. Trading Strategy

    Spotting Breakouts As Easy As ACD

    Wondering what it means to be a "logical trader"? Take a look at this system devised by Mark Fisher.
  4. Trading Strategy

    Gauging The Strength Of A Market Move

    Learn how to apply the ACD technique to a longer time horizon.
  5. Trading Strategy

    Charting Your Way To Better Returns

    Learn about the powerful hybrid techniques that take advantage of both technical and fundamental analysis.
  6. Trading Strategy

    Losing To Win

    Adopting realistic expectations is essential to staying in the trading game.
  7. Trading Strategy

    How To Survive The Trading Game

    Gain insight into how a trader/programmer approaches the task of designing a trading system.
  8. Trading Strategy

    High-Tech Fibonacci

    Fibonacci developed this system in the Middle Ages. See how it can provide accuracy without sacrificing readability.
  9. Forex & Currencies

    An Introduction To J-Charting

    Learn about a technical tool that's based on the view that markets are energetic systems.
  10. Commodities

    A Holistic Approach To Trading Gold

    Combine technicals and fundamentals to tune out noise and confirm trends in this commodity.
  11. Taxes

    How International Tax Rates Impact Your Investments

    International investors need to be aware of the staggering correlation between tax rates and economic performance.
  12. Trading Strategy

    Market Cycles: The Key To Maximum Returns

    You need to understand the various phases of the market cycle to avoid bubbles and make the best investments.
  13. Trading Strategy

    Can Insiders Help You Make Better Trades?

    Find out why the trading activity of owners and executives can be a valuable trade-confirmation tool.
  14. Trading Strategy

    The Advantage Of Intermarket Analysis

    Analyzing a variety of markets around the world can provide powerful insight into trading opportunities.
  15. Financial Analysis

    The P/E Ratio: A Good Market-Timing Indicator

    Check out the returns this newer technical analysis tool would've yielded over the period from 1920 to 2003.
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