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  1. Behind Groupon's 78% Fall in 10 Years

    While Groupon's shares have declined 78% since its IPO, the market grew 74%. a weak growth outlook still looms.
  2. Cisco Buys ContainerX to Boost Data Center Suite

    CEO Chuck Robbins has made no secret of the fact that a key aspect of Cisco's (NASDAQ: CSCO) business model transition includes ...
  3. Caesar's Bankruptcy Lawsuit Likely to Favor Tepper

    David Tepper, the billionaire investor, is favored to win a lawsuit against Caesars Entertainment for $11 billion.
  4. D.E. Shaw Considering Major Stake in TerraForm

    D.E. Shaw and China's Golden Concord are reportedly weighing the possibility of a significant investment in TerraForm.
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  1. Technical Skills

    1. The knowledge and abilities needed to accomplish ...
  2. Residual Value

    How much a fixed asset is worth at the end of its lease, ...
  3. Creditor

    An entity (person or institution) that extends credit ...
  4. Balloon Loan

    A type of loan which does not fully amortize over its ...
  5. Law Of Supply And Demand

    A theory explaining the interaction between the supply ...
  6. Gantt Chart

    A Gantt chart is a visual representation of a project ...
  1. Trilemma

    A country cannot have free flow of capital, a fixed exchange rate and independent monetary policy simultaneously. By choosing two, it forfeits the third.
  2. TINA: There Is No Alternative

    "There is no alternative" is used to explain a less-than-ideal portfolio allocation, usually to stocks, since other asset classes offer even worse returns.
  3. Keynesian Put

    A Keynesian Put is the expectation that markets and the economy will be supported by fiscal policy stimulus measures.
  4. Internet of Energy - IoE

    Internet of Energy (IoE) refers to the automation of electricity infrastructures for energy producers. It allows energy to flow efficiently, minimizing waste.
  5. Hazard Rate

    Hazard rate is the rate of death for an item of a given age (x). It is part of the hazard function, which analyzes the item's chances of survival to a certain time.
  6. Artificial Intelligence - AI

    Artificial intelligence (AI) refers to simulated intelligence in machines. These machines are programmed to mimic human action and rational thought.
  7. CBOE Russell 2000® Volatility Index (RVX)

    The CBOE Russell 2000® Volatility Index is an indicator of the short-term expectation of volatility in the stock market.
  8. Reshoring

    Reshoring is the process of returning the production and manufacturing of goods back to one's own country.
  9. Conduct Costs

    Conduct costs are any payments made by a bank in the settlement of regulatory decisions, litigation or fines.
  10. Dark Money

    Dark money refers to the funds donated to nonprofit organizations that in turn spend it to influence elections.
  11. Reverse Churning

    Reverse churning is the practice of a financial advisor placing an investor's funds in a fee-based account for no reason other than to collect the fee.
  12. Secondary Market Annuity

    A secondary market annuity (SMA) is a transaction in which the present owner of an income annuity trades his or her future income payments in favor of a lump sum payment.

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  1. Federal Direct Loan Program

    A program that provides low-interest loans to postsecondary students and their parents. The William D. Ford Federal Direct ...
  2. Cash Flow

    The net amount of cash and cash-equivalents moving into and out of a business. Positive cash flow indicates that a company's ...
  3. PLUS Loan

    A low-cost student loan offered to parents of students currently enrolled in post-secondary education. With a PLUS Loan, ...
  4. Graduate Record Examination - GRE

    A standardized exam used to measure one's aptitude for abstract thinking in the areas of analytical writing, mathematics ...
  5. Graduate Management Admission Test - GMAT

    A standardized test intended to measure a test taker's aptitude in mathematics and the English language. The GMAT is most ...
  6. Magna Cum Laude

    An academic level of distinction used by educational institutions to signify an academic degree which was received "with ...
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