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  1. Correlation

    In the world of finance, correlation is a statistical measure of how two securities move in relation to each other.
  2. Are oil prices and interest rates correlated?

    Yes. No. Maybe. Definitely. There's no easy answer to this question. While many theories abound, the reality is that oil ...
  3. Diversification: Protecting Portfolios From Mass Destruction

    This investing strategy retains its charm as a protection against random events in the market.
  4. 6 Asset Allocation Strategies That Work

    Your portfolio's asset mix is a key factor in whether it's profitable. Find out how to get this delicate balance right.
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  1. Capital Loss Coverage Ratio

    The difference between an asset’s book value and the ...
  2. Policyholder Surplus

    The assets of a mutual insurance company minus its ...
  3. Net Premium

    The expected present value of a policy’s benefits less ...
  4. Quick Liquidity Ratio

    The total amount of a company’s quick assets divided ...
  5. Compound Annual Growth Rate - CAGR

    The year-over-year growth rate of an investment over ...
  6. Return On Investment - ROI

    A performance measure used to evaluate the efficiency ...
  1. Merchandising

    Merchandising is any act of promoting goods or services for retail sale, including marketing strategies, display design and discount offers.
  2. Appraised Equity Capital

    The excess of the market value of an asset over its book value.
  3. Asset Liquidation Agreement (ALA)

    A contract between the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and private sector contractors contracted to manage the assets of failed financial institutions.
  4. Adverse Domination

    A legal doctrine that allows regulators to bring litigation against a corporation’s officers and directors as long as those officers and directors remain with the corporation.
  5. Affordable Market Value (AMV)

    The sale price of a multi-family residential housing unit sold through the FDIC’s Affordable Housing Program.
  6. Asset Valuation Review (AVR)

    A process that establishes an estimate of the value of a failed bank’s assets.
  7. Assisted Merger

    The merger of two or more financial institutions undertaken with the assistance of a regulatory organization.
  8. Assuming Institution

    A healthy financial institution that purchases the assets of a failed financial institution.
  9. Capital Loss Coverage Ratio

    The difference between an asset’s book value and the amount received from a sale relative to the value of the nonperforming assets being liquidated.
  10. Derived Investment Value (DIV)

    A valuation methodology used to calculate the present value of future cash flows of liquidated assets, less expenses associated with the liquidation process.
  11. Elder Law

    Elder law is a legal specialty focusing on the rights and needs of older people.
  12. Sucker Yield

    When an investor has essentially risked all of his capital for the sake of the high dividend.
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  1. Correlation

    In the world of finance, a statistical measure of how two securities move in relation to each other. Correlations are used ...
  2. Letter Of Credit

    A letter from a bank guaranteeing that a buyer's payment to a seller will be received on time and for the correct amount. ...
  3. Due Diligence - DD

    1. An investigation or audit of a potential investment. Due diligence serves to confirm all material facts in regards to ...
  4. Certificate Of Deposit - CD

    A savings certificate entitling the bearer to receive interest. A CD bears a maturity date, a specified fixed interest rate ...
  5. Days Sales Of Inventory - DSI

    A financial measure of a company's performance that gives investors an idea of how long it takes a company to turn its inventory ...
  6. Accounts Payable - AP

    An accounting entry that represents an entity's obligation to pay off a short-term debt to its creditors. The accounts payable ...
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