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  1. Secondary Market Annuity

    A secondary market annuity (SMA) is a transaction in ...
  2. myRA

    A new tax-advantaged retirement account that President ...
  3. Traditional IRA

    An individual retirement account (IRA) that allows ...
  4. Rollover

    A rollover is when you do the following: 1. Reinvest ...
  5. Present Value Of An Annuity

    The current value of a set of cash flows in the future, ...
  6. Pay Yourself First

    A phrase commonly used in personal finance and retirement ...
  1. Hazard Rate

    Hazard rate is the rate of death for an item of a given age (x). It is part of the hazard function, which analyzes the item's chances of survival to a certain time.
  2. Artificial Intelligence - AI

    Artificial intelligence (AI) refers to simulated intelligence in machines. These machines are programmed to mimic human action and rational thought.
  3. CBOE Russell 2000® Volatility Index (RVX)

    The CBOE Russell 2000® Volatility Index is an indicator of the short-term expectation of volatility in the stock market.
  4. Reshoring

    Reshoring is the process of returning the production and manufacturing of goods back to one's own country.
  5. Conduct Costs

    Conduct costs are any payments made by a bank in the settlement of regulatory decisions, litigation or fines.
  6. Dark Money

    Dark money refers to the funds donated to nonprofit organizations that in turn spend it to influence elections.
  7. Reverse Churning

    Reverse churning is the practice of a financial advisor placing an investor's funds in a fee-based account for no reason other than to collect the fee.
  8. Secondary Market Annuity

    A secondary market annuity (SMA) is a transaction in which the present owner of an income annuity trades his or her future income payments in favor of a lump sum payment.
  9. Crack-Up Boom

    A crack-up boom is the crash of the credit system due to unlimited inflation, which results in an economic depression when the bubble bursts.
  10. Gig Economy

    In a gig economy, temporary jobs are commonplace and companies tend toward hiring independent contractors and freelancers instead of full-time employees.
  11. Inventory Flipping

    Inventory flipping refers to selling a product or property before it depreciates in value.
  12. Synthetic Biology

    Synthetic biology is the engineering of biomatter DNA to form something new. These organisms tend to be geared toward a particular purpose.

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  1. 403(b) Plan

    A retirement plan for certain employees of public schools, tax-exempt organizations and certain ministers. Generally, retirement ...
  2. Master Of Business Administration - MBA

    A graduate degree achieved at a university or college that provides theoretical and practical training to help graduates ...
  3. Liquidity Event

    An event that allows initial investors in a company to cash out some or all of their ownership shares and is considered an ...
  4. Job Market

    A market in which employers search for employees and employees search for jobs. The job market is not a physical place as ...
  5. Yuppie

    Yuppie is a slang term denoting the market segment of young urban professionals. A yuppie is often characterized by youth, ...
  6. SEC Form 13F

    A filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), also known as the Information Required of Institutional Investment ...
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