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  1. Treasury Direct

    The online market where investors can purchase federal ...
  2. Treasury Yield

    The return on investment, expressed as a percentage, ...
  3. Collateralized Loan Obligation - CLO

    A security backed by a pool of debt, often low-rated ...
  4. Surrender Period

    The amount of time an investor must wait until he or ...
  5. Money Market Account

    An interest-bearing account that typically pays a higher ...
  6. Residential Mortgage-Backed Security (RMBS)

    A type of security whose cash flows come from residential ...
  1. Elder Law

    Elder law is a legal specialty focusing on the rights and needs of older people.
  2. Sucker Yield

    When an investor has essentially risked all of his capital for the sake of the high dividend.
  3. Steve Cohen

    A trading magnate also referred to as the Hedge Fund King and the Prince of Wall Street, Steve Cohen is the founder of Point72 Asset Management.
  4. Acquisition

    A corporate action in which a company buys most, if not all, of the target company's ownership stakes in order to assume control of the target firm. Acquisitions are often made as part of a company's ...
  5. Entitlement Offer

    An offer to purchase a security or other asset that cannot be transferred to another party.
  6. Net Premiums Written

    The sum of premiums written by an insurance company over the course of a period of time, less premiums ceded to reinsurance companies, plus any reinsurance assumed.
  7. Gross Cash Recovery (GCR)

    The gross cash colloctions expected over the remaining life of an asset. Gross cash recovery is often expressed as a percentage of book value.
  8. Inherent Risk

    The risk posed by an error or omission in a financial statement due to a factor other than a failure of control.
  9. Initial Targeted Cash Value

    The gross amount of collections expected to be obtained through the liquidation of assets in an asset pool.
  10. Liquidation Differential

    The loss in value of an asset after it has been placed in receivership or liquidation.
  11. Financial Action Task Force (FATF)

    An intergovernmental organization that designs and promotes policies and standards to combat money laundering.
  12. Business Net Retention

    The amount of policies that remain after accounting for policies that are canceled, lapsed, or ceded to a reinsurer.
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  1. Certificate Of Deposit - CD

    A savings certificate entitling the bearer to receive interest. A CD bears a maturity date, a specified fixed interest rate ...
  2. Days Sales Of Inventory - DSI

    A financial measure of a company's performance that gives investors an idea of how long it takes a company to turn its inventory ...
  3. Accounts Payable - AP

    An accounting entry that represents an entity's obligation to pay off a short-term debt to its creditors. The accounts payable ...
  4. Ratio Analysis

    Quantitative analysis of information contained in a company’s financial statements. Ratio analysis is based on line items ...
  5. Days Payable Outstanding - DPO

    A company's average payable period. Calculated as: ending accounts payable / (cost of sales/number of days).
  6. Net Sales

    The amount of sales generated by a company after the deduction of returns, allowances for damaged or missing goods and any ...
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