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  1. Bulldog Market

    A nickname for the foreign bond market of the United ...
  2. Sharing Economy

    An economic model in which individuals are able to ...
  3. Collaborative Consumption

    The shared use of a good or service by a group.
  4. Millennial

    A name given to the generation born after 1980 and ...
  5. Texas Sharpshooter Fallacy

    An analysis of outcomes out of context that can give ...
  6. Chicken

    An investor who is petrified of incurring losses from ...
  1. Premium to Surplus Ratio

    Net premiums written divided by policyholders’ surplus. The premium to surplus ratio is used to measure the capacity of an insurance company to underwrite new policies.
  2. Combined Ratio

    A measure of profitability used by an insurance company to indicate how well it is performing in its daily operations. It is the sum of the loss ratio, expense ratio, and policyholder dividend ...
  3. Policyholder Dividend Ratio

    The policyholder dividend ratio is a measurement of the profitability of an insurance company or the overall insurance industry.
  4. Overall Liquidity Ratio

    A measurement of a company’s capacity to pay for its liabilities with its assets.
  5. Reinsurance Recoverables to Policyholder Surplus

    The amount of incurred losses covered by reinsurers compared to policyholders’ surplus.
  6. Losses Incurred

    Benefits paid to policyholders during the current year, plus changes to loss reserves from the previous year.
  7. Noncancellable Insurance Policy

    A life or disability insurance policy that an insurance company can’t cancel, increase the premiums on or reduce the benefits of as long as the customer pays the premiums.
  8. Total Annual Loan Cost (TALC)

    The projected total cost that a reverse mortgage holder should expect to pay over the life of the loan.
  9. Concurrent Periods

    A period of time in which more than one injury or disability affects a temporary disability policyholder.
  10. Member Month

    The number of individuals participating in an insurance plan each month.
  11. Premium Balance

    The amount of premium that is owed to an insurer for a policy, but which has not yet been paid by the policyholder.
  12. Pre-Existing Condition Exclusion Period

    A health insurance benefit provision that places limits on benefits or excludes benefits for a period of time for a medical condition that the policyholder had prior to enrolling in a health ...
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  1. Turkey

    Slang for an investment that yields disappointing results or turns out worse than expected. Failed business deals, securities ...
  2. Conduit Issuer

    An organization, usually a government agency, that issues municipal securities to raise capital for revenue-generating projects ...
  3. Financing Entity

    The party in a financing arrangement that provides money, property, or another asset to an intermediate entity or financed ...
  4. Hyperinflation

    Extremely rapid or out of control inflation. There is no precise numerical definition to hyperinflation. Hyperinflation is ...
  5. Gross Rate Of Return

    The total rate of return on an investment before the deduction of any fees or expenses. The gross rate of return is quoted ...
  6. Debit Spread

    Two options with different market prices that an investor trades on the same underlying security. The higher priced option ...
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