Series 7

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Securities Transactions - Introduction

Of the 250 questions on the Series 7 exam, 13 will focus on this critical function: "Obtains and verifies the customer's purchase and sale instructions, enters orders, and follows up on completion of transactions."

The information contained in this section is drawn primarily from the NYSE's "A Comprehensive Companion to the Content Outline of the Series 7A Examination". The Series 7A exam is a stripped down version of the Series 7: it is intended for those who work on the trading floors of exchanges, whose responsibilities are much more narrowly defined and whose interactions with the public are much more limited. It is a good idea for you to read this very informative "companion" booklet; it gives you all the answers to the Series 7A exam, and the information in that exam represents a significant portion of the exam for which you are studying. Types of Securities Orders

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