She works 12 to 16 hours a day, but she always seems focused, energetic, calm and put-together. She's an amazing chef, but instead, she finds her ultimate joys in building robust companies, crafting innovative concepts and cultivating teams to become unbeatable creative forces. To her, information overload is relaxing, and she'll continuously outsmart any challenge. Whenever you have a calculus-emergency, she's your go-to gal - she knows that textbook better than the person who wrote it. On top of it all, she makes time for family, kids and everything in between. She just seems to have it all. (For additional reading, check out The "New" Valentine's Day.)
At the end of the day, flowers, jewelry and candy just don't interest her – nor do Hallmark holidays, cheesy movies or fairytale romances. She loves the simple, realistic and practical things in her everyday life and somehow manages to weave them – good and bad - into her astronomically amazing dreams.

You love this person for who she is, but you can't - for the life of you - figure out what to buy, and rightfully so. Her tastes are way too complex for a magazine personality test to predict. She's above and beyond materialism. For an out-of-the-box and loving Valentine's gift that she will almost definitely love, consider the following:

This gift is for the woman who is obsessed with business. Trading stock is a great way to learn about companies and market trends. Pick an industry that is new to both of you, and buy some shares in a handful of companies that make sense. Research and manage those shares together as a just-for-fun hobby. It'll be the gift that keeps on giving in the form of a shared activity and monetary return on investment (ROI).

A Business License
This gift is for the woman who won't stop talking about the business that she wants to start. She's already freelancing for a number of clients and wants to start a business, but she can't find time research everything that she needs to do. Obviously she needs to file her own papers and sign her own documents. You can't start a business on her behalf, so give her a committed IOU to help her through the process. Depending on the state where you live, it can cost around $200 for the necessary paperwork through services like LegalZoom. Of course, these expenses are tax deductible, but you could also offer to pay for it. Once everything is done, take her out to a congratulatory dinner. This is an incredibly sweet way to show how much you care. (For related reading, see Business Startup Costs: It's In The Details.)

A Class on Something That She Wants to Learn
It could be something super niche, or it could be something general enough to do together. Buy her a class on that programming language or software that she's been hoping to learn. You can match her with an online class through a service like Lynda or Udemy, or you can find one that's local to your area. Given that she's probably talking about what she wants to learn non-stop, this will be a wonderful way to show that you've been listening and that you care.

A Website with a Fully-Built Portfolio
This gift is for the woman who is overloaded with projects and clients. For years, she's wanted to set up her website, but she just hasn't had the time. Build it for her. Surprise her with it. Let her make adjustments and upload her work.

Tickets to a Conference
Given that she's a natural networker, she probably has a list of talks, conferences, and meetups that she wants to attend. Unless she has company sponsorship, she'll have to fine tune her list to what she can actually afford. Surprise her with one that she'll love! As a place to start your research, scope out Eventbrite for seminars, lectures, meetups and conferences that appeal to her interests.

A Couple of Bestsellers
She can't work and learn all the time, especially if she's always on the go. Chances are, she would absolutely love to sit down, relax, take some time to herself and read a good book. Surprise her with a couple that she will definitely love.

Hours of Completed Chores
While her life is filled with love, happiness, ambition and success, she finds herself lacking in one key area – sleep. Give her a day, couple of days or week where the housework is just done. Encourage her to use that time to sleep. Even if you buy her gift, this supplement will be absolutely priceless.

Desk-friendly Workout Equipment
As much as she loves what she does, she probably spends way too much time sitting at her desk. While in her financial benefit, that kind of sedentary lifestyle is unhealthy. Chances are that she's hoping for more time at the gym and more opportunities to stay active. Surprise her with a mini-elliptical that she can keep under her desk or a balance ball system. (For more on working out at the office, read 10 Office Exercises to Combat Stress and Weight Gain.)

The Bottom Line
You know her best. Your Valentine might very-well love a beautiful new diamond necklace. No matter what, it's the thought that counts, so make sure to share an occasion with plenty of happiness and fun.

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