When it comes to purchasing a new car, the warranty may not be one of the first things on the buyer's mind, but it should be. While all cars have a manufacturer's warranty, not all auto manufacturer warranties are created equal. When purchasing a new car, we all want and believe that our car is going to have a long healthy life, but things happen; transmissions fails, motors die, and if these parts are not covered under a manufacturer's warranty, the car buyer is the one that will be footing the bill. Before you buy your next car, it is wise to research which car manufacturers offer the most generous warranties. Here is a look at five of the best auto manufacturer warranties in the 2013 market.

One of the most generous auto manufacturer warranties available is offered by Hyundai. The South Korean automotive giant offers a hearty manufacturer's warranty with a five year, 60,000-mile basic warranty. In addition, they offer a 10-year, 100,000-mile power train warranty, a seven-year corrosion warranty with an unlimited amount of miles, and a five-year road assistance. Hyundai also offers a lifetime hybrid battery warranty and a seven-year anti-perforation warranty. Hyundai describes their manufacturer warranty as "America's Best Warranty," and when compared side-by-side with other auto manufacturer warranties, it is clear that they are not stretching the truth.

Mitsubishi offers a manufacturer warranty that is highly comparable to Hyundai's. The Japanese auto maker boasts a five year, 60,000 mile new vehicle limited warranty. In addition, they offer a 10-year, 100,000-mile power train warranty, a five-year, 60,000-mile warranty on the restraint system, and a seven-year, 100,000-mile anti-corrosion/perforation warranty. Also included with their warranties are adjustment coverage for 12 months and 12,000 miles, and roadside assistance for five years.

Another auto manufacturer that offers a solid manufacturer warranty is Kia. The South Korean auto manufacturer offers a five-year, 60,000-mile limited basic warranty, along with a 10-year, 100,000-mile power train warranty, a five-year, 100,000-mile limited anti-perforation warranty, and five-year, 60,000-mile roadside assistance. Kia largely matches Hyundai and Mitsubishi's highly praised manufacturer warranties in all areas except for the 60,000-mile limitation on the roadside assistance. All in all, Kia offers one of the most attractive warranties on the market.

Volvo offers a highly attractive new vehicle warranty. The Swedish auto maker offers a four-year, 50,000 mile warranty on all new vehicles, and well as a barrage of vehicle protection such as a 14-year, 50,000-mile battery warranty, two-year genuine Volvo replacement parts warranty, one-year adjustment warranty, a 12-year corrosion protection warranty, and more. The Swedish auto giant has long been appreciated for its standards in vehicle safety, but their warranty is not too shabby either.

Rolls Royce
Rolls Royce, an English luxury car maker, offers a highly desirable manufacturer's warranty with a four-year unlimited mileage warranty. In addition to the standard warranty, Rolls Royce also offers four years of service and maintenance, and four years of roadside assistance.

The Bottom Line
With all the money that is spent on cars, you want to make sure that the vehicle you purchase is backed up by a solid manufacturer warranty. A solid manufacturer warranty will not only save you big money should something go wrong, it also gives you a glimpse of what the company thinks about their clientele. By providing a top-notch manufacturer warranty, automakers are helping to secure your loyalty and business.

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