You know the feeling. It's that moment of sheer panic, when you dig deep into your purse and can't find your smartphone. Or maybe you're so freaked out at the thought of missing a call that you actually bring your PDA into the bathroom with you. If you're this addicted to your smartphone, you're going to want all the latest and greatest applications. Here are a few of the newest ones we found, which will help you get your finances on track - and keep them that way.

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  1. MoneyStrands
    Thanks to the Great Recession, we all need to count every penny and save every dime. But, who has the time to review multiple bank accounts and update spreadsheets when there are emails to answer and super apps to download? MoneyStrands pulls it all together for you with one free, easy-to-use personal money management app for your iPhone or iPod touch.

    Sign up, add all your bank and credit card accounts on MoneyStrands's secure site, and all your information gets organized into colorful, easy-to-read charts and graphs. Features include simple family budgeting, debt management and even an alert system to warn when your checking account balance is getting low or when it's time to switch to a lower interest rate credit card. (Although the cost for these apps seems high, they may actually save you money. Learn more in 6 Professional Apps Worth Buying.)

  2. MoneyPlan
    If you're looking for a robust budgeting tool, check out MoneyPlan. This app helps you budget your daily, monthly and yearly cash flow so you'll stay on track with your financial goals. You define the categories (clothing, housing, food, etc), set the spending limits and monitor your actual spending against budget. Features include transaction searching, income and expense reporting, monthly expense budgeting and more. How's that for keeping it real? At $0.99, MoneyPlan will fit into anyone's budget.

  3. iTax Man
    It's that time of year when the tax man is on your mind. Will you get a fat refund or are you going to owe this time? Rest easier from now on with the iTax Man. This app works as a smart calculator by running different tax scenarios to determine how your refund might be affected. At a mere $0.99, the cost is well worth a good night's sleep. (These software programs and applications can help you prepare and get through tax season. Find out what they have to offer in Tax Technology That Works.)

  4. Compare It
    Comparison shopping at the grocery store just got easier with Compare It, an application that makes it a snap to evaluate the price of one brand against another, while adjusting for different unit sizes. Just enter in a few numbers and take the guess/calculation work out of identifying the cheapest products. At $0.99, don't forget to take bring this math whiz along on your next trip to Whole Foods.

  5. SplashMoney
    Connect wirelessly to your savings, credit card and bank accounts and check your balances instantly. Want to keep accounts up-to-date and organized without using a desktop application? SplashMoney does that. Or, you can sync with SplashMoney desktop software for PC or Mac, and Quicken, Microsoft Money and more. There's even a multicurrency feature. It's fast, easy, useful and inexpensive to use at $4.99.

  6. CheckPlease
    Go out with your friends, and never again worry about how to split the bill fairly with CheckPlease. This everyday app calculates tips and divides up the tab for your entire party. It's free, so you'll have a little extra to leave for that hardworking server. Furthermore, this app has various currency options for the international traveler. (If your smartphone addiction is standing between you and your career goals, check out some of these popular career prep apps in Major Career Exam? There's An App For That!)

App Intervention
If you can't resist app-installation binges for your smartphone, help your finances at the same time by choosing one of these simple, inexpensive and user-friendly applications for personal money management.

Still feeling uninformed? Check out last week's Water Cooler Finance to see what's been happening in financial news.

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