From climate change to social media, the changing major world issues have a huge impact on the job market. Whether you agree with climate change concerns or not, they are changing the business landscape and creating new jobs while eliminating others. In the business world, the increasing importance of social media and cross-media marketing leads to new jobs all the time, as those on the cutting edge implement new initiatives, and those left behind need professionals to bring them up to speed. We'll take a look at a slew of new jobs that you've probably never heard of, but which aren't going away any time soon. (A persuasive resume can give you the edge you need in a competitive market. Check out How To Write An Effective Investment Banking Resume.)

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1. SEO Consultant or Specialist
SEO, or search engine optimization, means designing your webpage so that it gets a higher ranking on search engines. An SEO specialist is someone who helps organize content on your site, insert keyword functionality and optimize your links so that search engines will give your webpage a higher organic ranking when someone is searching for it. An SEO specialist could have any number of degrees, from computer science to marketing to computer programming and software development. More important is how this person has proven themselves within their growing field.

According to online salary database,, most people who do this job have just one to four years experience, so it's a young and growing career. Salary for an SEO specialist ranges from $34,000 to $49,505.

2. Social Media Manager
Social media is undoubtedly becoming a more important part of all companies' marketing plan, and at some companies they have positions responsible for utilizing Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media outlets they use to connect with consumers. This position usually needs a background in communications or marketing, or related experience with proven results in managing social media channels, implementing social media initiatives and turning social media goodwill into a quantifiable asset for a company.

According to PayScale, social media managers make between $32,000 and $54,000 per year.

3. Online Community Manager
A community manager is a lot like a social media manager, but has a more inclusive approach to social media. It's someone who not only sets the social media strategy, but implements it and manages the online community that surrounds the company or brand. From managing blogs to Twitter accounts to message boards and comment sections, many large companies have this position. Dell, IBM, Boeing, Wells Fargo and more employ someone in this capacity, and more companies will add this position as social media progresses.

According to Payscale, online community managers can earn a wide range of yearly salary, between $34,658 and $101,471.

4. Energy Auditor
With energy prices on the rise and consumers worried about the amount of pollutants in the air, energy audits are becoming more popular. An energy auditor carries out tests to assess the energy efficiency of a home or building. This includes finding out how well a building is insulated, whether door seals are tights, whether ducts are leaking, etc. The auditor provides the findings to the owner of the building who can then decide whether the wasted energy and resources are worth the price of improving the efficiency of their building, thus saving costs on energy bills and using less in the way of fossil fuels.

An energy auditor has to undergo coursework, but does not necessarily need a degree. They will have to pass tests to certify themselves as an energy auditor, but this differs by state. PayScale puts the average salary for an energy field auditor between $32,000 and $51,000. (For further reading, refer to our Financial Careers articles.)

5. Sustainability Manager
This is usually a high-ranking position that deals with a corporation's overall environmental impact. This position would be responsible for efficiently using all inputs, minimizing a company's carbon footprint, approving sustainable design and employee incentive initiatives, and more.

Since this is a higher-ranking job than the others in the list, the requirements and salary are both higher. Payscale puts the average salary for this position between $52,000 and $90,000. This position would require at least an undergrad degree plus related experience, and some schools are even offering specialized education that would give you a degree or diploma in sustainability management. Columbia offers a Master of Science degree in this field.

6. Renewable Energy Consultant
A renewable energy consultant helps a company decide upon and implement wind, hydro, biomass or solar energy to power their business. This position usually requires a background in engineering and, according to, the average pay is between $49,000 and $75,937, with 64% of workers having between one and four years of experience.

The Bottom Line
These jobs are new and growing. If the climate keeps changing and the way that companies and brands interact with their users continues to evolve, then there will be even more positions added to these evolving fields.

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