In 2011, insurance company Insure reported that the unpaid work of mothers in the U.S. boasted a financial value of $61,436. This not only offers a great deal of insight into the selfless work that mothers across the nation undertake on behalf of their families, but also goes a long way to vindicating the vast sums of money that are spent on them every single year. Mother's Day alone generated $14.88 billion of expenditure in 2010, which was not only a sizable sum given the depressed nature of the economy, but also accounted for 6.5% of total holiday spend in the U.S.

Say it with Personalized Gifts and Jewelery
Flowers, clothing and jewelery are examples of the most popular Mother's Day gifts in the U.S., and account for a significant portion of the total annual spend. Not only this, but $2.3 billion was spent on Mother's Day jewelery in 2009, which was more than 8% of the total amount expended in this market throughout the course of the year. While this is less than surprising when you consider the vast choice of earrings, heart-shaped pendants and charms that are tailored to suit the Mother's Day market, it is still an impressive level of expenditure in celebration of just one day.

If you are seeking something a little more unusual for your 2012 Mother's Day gift, however, then it may be worth considering customization as a way of creating a unique and more meaningful item of jewelery. Engraving a necklace or bracelet adds a personalized touch to an already popular choice of gift, whether you choose to mark it with your mother's initials or a special and deeply personal message. The act of engraving is especially beneficial if you are on a less than favorable budget, as it elevates basic and more affordable items of jewelery to a more aspirational level.

Find a Gift That Suits Your Mother's Passions and Interests
According to the National Retail Federation, U.S. citizens laid out a total of $16.3 billion on Mother's Day last year, which equated to an average of $140.73 per shopper. Given that the amount expended on Father's Day was just $11.1 billion during 2011, it is fair to presume that consumers were encouraged to purchase more expensive items for their mothers in appreciation of their efforts. This discrepancy may also offer some insight into the choice of goods that are available on the market, many of which are designed to satisfy a female demographic.

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With this in mind, there is a greater opportunity for you as a consumer to think outside of the box and source a gift that suits your mother's needs perfectly. Whether she is fan of personal fitness, reading or fashion, there is a growing range of innovative products on the market that combine style with function, while meeting the demands of the busy working mother. Not only does this allow you to purchase a multi-functional gift, but it also gives you the opportunity to buy one that suits the individual tastes and preferences of your mother.

Book a Spring Get-Away
Although the economic recovery in the U.S. remains tentative, the nation's underlying growth has left many citizens looking to invest in a special Mother's Day treat for 2012. With this in mind, spa breaks and short out-of-town vacations are wonderful ways to reward the hard work that mothers undertake each day, while providing them with a break from the rigorous and strenuous routines of everyday life. From single day spa experiences to weekends away in sun-kissed luxury, there are options to suit a range of different preferences and budget expectations.

Mother's Day excursions are made even more affordable by their timing, as the months of April and May offer significant discounts to leisure travelers throughout the U.S. and beyond. For those who are looking to treat their mothers with affordable trips to traditionally hot regions such as Mexico and Florida, springtime also guarantees that they will benefit from warm weather without temperatures hitting their uncomfortable summer peaks. With these points in mind, now is the ideal time to book an affordable travel package without compromising the quality of the experience.

The Bottom Line
Mother's Day offers a rare chance to celebrate an unsung hero in our lives, and the increasing annual market spend suggests that consumers are willing to invest heavily in gifts and experiences. Whether you are looking to purchase a traditional Mother's Day product or something that is personalized and perfectly tailored to the individual tastes of your mother, the market has a wide and diverse range of goods to suit even the most unusual of gift ideas.

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