You Own An Out of Production GM: Now What?

By Reyna Gobel | June 23, 2009 AAA
You Own An Out of Production GM: Now What?

Over the years, many brands and models of cars have ceased production. But if you are still driving around in your 2004 Oldsmobile Alero, how are you affected?

What it Means When a Car is Taken Out of Production
It means that car will no longer be made in the next model year. The Dodge Magnum and the whole Oldsmobile brand are two examples.

Will I Still Be Able to Get Parts and Service?
According to Chrysler spokesperson Kathy Graham, the government requires car companies to produce parts for 10 years. For instance, when Chrysler no longer sold Plymouth cars, you could still get parts and service at Jeep, Chrysler or Dodge dealerships.

When GM stopped producing the Oldsmobile brand, Oldsmobile cars were serviced and parts could be ordered at other GM dealerships for Chevrolet, Cadillac, GMC and Saturn. And, of course, if you had a warranty for your Oldsmobile car, GM honored it at the dealerships for their other brands.

What If My Car is Older Than Ten Years Old?
Even if you have a Mustang and the model is still in production but your Mustang is fifteen years old, it doesn't mean parts will be available for your model at the Ford dealership. You may or not be able to get parts at the dealership.

In this case, you would check with your local auto parts store for Ford parts or aftermarket parts for your car made by other manufacturers beside Ford.

You can also call junkyards in your area for hard-to-find parts.

When Does the Government's Car Warranty Program Come into Play?
In the case of Chrysler, "The government warranty only comes into play if Chrysler went bankrupt", says Ms. Graham.

"Since we emerged from bankruptcy on June 10 as a new company, that isn't going to come into play. How it would work, though, would be transparent to the customer, it just means the government would fund the warranty repairs from a fund that was set up by the automakers to cover potential warranty costs."

In other words, warranties are safe and while Chrysler isn't eliminating any brands, GM is. But you can get service from any other GM dealer - no matter what the brand is.

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