These days, everything you were ever told about selecting investments for retirement seems moot. Your portfolio is a mess of worthless bonds, bankrupt Fortune 500 has-been stocks, and let's not even talks about the real estate investments you own. For a lot of people hoping to retire, things look grim, but you can't just give up if you expect to stop working some day - you're going to need income. If you're worried you'll find yourself in this dilemma (or already have), put down those brokerage statements and pick up a Nintendo Wii handset. It may be the key to helping your retirement nest egg bounce back.
Amuse Yourself to Death
In his book "Amusing Ourselves to Death", which was first published in 1985 and has since gone through numerous editions, Neil Postman declares that Americans are trivializing every aspect of life by linking it to some form of entertainment. His mantra: the message is the medium asserts that everything from politics to religion is judged by how well it plays out on TV. It's a doomsday view he attributes to Aldous Huxley's 1931 novel "Brave New World" - that society will crumble due to humans' lust for pleasure.

If you buy int to this hedonistic theory, then what's any good American's response? To capitalize on it. So, for bewildered cash holders waiting for a solid investment, here's a suggestion: Invest in entertainment. (Read Power Up Your Portfolio With Gaming Stocks to learn more about how to capitalize on peoples' need to play.)

All Work and No Play ...
The U.S. Department of Labor agrees with the future increased demand for leisure and entertainment. Their statistics indicate the entertainment industry will enjoys above-average growth. Analysts have been predicting this increase for a long time because they expect baby boomers to retire, and with nothing but time on their hands, turn en masse to leisure activities. Of course, the current recession may delay this somewhat, as many boomers are concerned they no longer have enough savings to retire just yet and those who already have are suffering from huge portfolio declines. Even so, Americans are still traveling, buying tickets to fun events and spending money on games and internet amusements, regardless of the economic downturn. (For related reading, see Top 10 Investments For Baby Boomers.)

Diversity is important in this type of investment, as the definition of "fun" varies widely from person to person and tends to change over time as new sources of entertainment continue to emerge. Cruise lines, movies, video games and entertainment production companies, along with internet related investments are examples. If you don't want to choose yourself, there are entertainment and leisure mutual funds with multiple types of investments in them.

The amount you allocate to this sector depends on your stage in life and risk tolerance. Just remember to offset any sector investments with a variety of other sectors regardless of your situation. Issues related to entertainment investments include high volatility and cyclicality.

If you're concerned about whether this is a good time to get into the entertainment sector, remember your goal is to buy low and sell high, so seek out those investments with plenty of upside potential and don't wait until everyone else decides to jump on board.

Take a Ride
The entertainment industry is one place to put your money for a fun stock market ride. If you choose your investments carefully, this is one sector with the potential for both short-term upside and long-term growth.

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