6 Summer Chores That Can Help You Save Money
Without a doubt, the summer sunshine helps us stay active. After a cold winter and bit of June gloom, we're beyond thrilled to get outside and soak up the great weather. Think about it from an investment perspective-time is money, so make the most of it. Here are seven summer projects that can help you save.

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1. Washing Your Own Car
In the winter, we can get away with driving a dirty car. It rains all the time, and the weather's pretty cold, so it's rare that you'll even find an open carwash. Come summer; however, your car gets dirtier, and local carwashes will welcome you with open arms. If you can, resist! Instead of dropping $10+ at every carwash visit, do-it-yourself. You'll get some good exercise, time outside, and over time, you'll save money. Plus, you'll be helping upkeep the value of your car, and you'll be able to afford a carwash more often. (Don't miss 5 Car Repairs You Should Do Yourself for more great tips!)

2. Gardening and Landscaping
If you're planning a new landscaping project, do it yourself instead of hiring a landscaper. Get the family involved for some healthy time outside. If you're brainstorming projects, consider revamping your garden with landscaping that requires minimal water. Finally get rid of that dead lawn, and replace your flowers with blooming cacti. Why use water when you can have a garden that looks beautiful without it?

3. Painting Your Own Home
If those chips and cracks are finally getting to you, invest in a new paint job to invest in the value of your home. If you can, do as much as you can yourself. You'll get a good workout, spend time outside, and save money. If you need guidance, you can even work with a professional to help guide you. (Find out more ways to save in 10 Home Repairs That Will Save You Money.)

4. Growing Your Own Food
Grocery store produce is so expensive! Plus, your kids will think that the vegetables taste better if they have a hand in growing your garden. Gardening is relaxing, fun, and cost-saving when done right. This kind of project will also provide your kids with an excellent learning experience.

5. Washing Your Pets at Home
Pet grooming expenses can really add up, even if you're only going in once or twice a month. Yes, washing your pets can be unpleasant, but during the summer, the weather's nice enough to hang out outside with a bucket. If your pet is averse to cold water, bring a bucket of warm water outside. After all, it's most important that your pets stay comfortable and healthy.

6. Biking or Walking to Run Errands
Next time you pick up the keys to run an errand around the corner, stop yourself. Over time, these little trips add up. Instead of trapping yourself inside of a car and wasting money, walk. After all, the days last longer, and you spend way too much time at your desk. If you're planning to buy something, bring a backpack or bag. Your body will thank you for the workout and time outside. (Fitness doesn't have to cost you an arm and a leg. Learn more in 6 Ways To Get Fit For Free.)

The Bottom Line
Enjoy your time outside, and save money while you have fun. These projects are great for your sanity, physical health, and wallet. (Find more great savings tips in 5 Unusual Tactics To Help You Save More.)

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