Each year we rack our brains to find that unique gift for Dad. How many ties or gift cards can you give before it becomes old and boring? Using a bit of creativity, a dash of your dad's personality and some easy shopping, you can give him a gift as distinctive and special as he is. To get you started, here a few fun suggestions that just might fit your unique dad.

Bookworm Dads
Amazon.com offers some great Father's Day books at special prices. Titles range from helpful books for "brand new" dads to great reads for those that love mystery, thriller or how-to books. You can order books yourself or you can "gift" them from Amazon complete with a special message from you. Plus, Amazon offers both print and eBook formats on most titles, giving you the option of mailing it to your dad or allowing him to download it to his eReader. Don't miss other Father's Day specials on additional items as well.
Audible books (audible.com) is another great idea. If your dad listens to books while he commutes to work, while he walks the dog or while he's chilling on the deck with a cup of coffee, audible.com offers books that are compatible with iPod, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry and most other electronic devices. It offers simple one-time downloads of a favorite title, or you can get Dad a "download plan" that will entitle him to a download a month. Plans vary in quantity and price.

Tech Dads
Instead of a gift card to the electronics store, give him a unique gadget. One really fun gift is the Unity Remote by Gear 4. This is an especially great gift if your dad loves to take control of the television remote. This gadget allows you to use your iPad, iPhone or iPod, to control all the entertainment systems from the television to the stereo wirelessly. Dad can control the television channels, the stereo volume and Blu-Ray player all with this device. This might not make your mother very happy, but Dad will be.

Think apps for your dad. With just a click of your mouse you can send an app to your dad's phone. There are apps for nearly every type of person, whether your dad wants to get the latest sports scores, find out the weather in London or organize his garage.

How about a satellite mobile wireless hard drive? Seagate offers a unique tech gift that will let your dad access his media collection anywhere he happens to be. It allows him to stream across multiple devices, sync with his PC or Mac, it gives up to seven hours of battery life and is particularly handy when there is video of grandchildren available. The drive retails for under $200.

For those with smaller budgets and hot-rod dads, turn his mouse into a super-charged, mean "road racer." RoadMice.com offers a complete line of wireless mice that can be the "car" of his dreams. They offer mice modeled after domestic cars like the Chevy Corvette and Ford Mustang, so even if you can't buy Dad the car of his dreams he can "cruise" the Internet with his favorite car in hand.

Grilling Dad
If your dad is like many fathers, he lives to grill. There is something about the open flames and sizzle of meat that speaks to his inner man. You can't go wrong with grilling gifts. If your dad doesn't have a grill, or the one he has seen better days, consider giving him one. Barbecues are available in many prices ranges, from $100 with a basic grill area and one propane tank to extravagant models with multiple burners, grills, tanks and a price tag of $14,000. If those are out of your price range, or if Dad already has a nice grill, then go for the accessories.

Try an Original Barbecue Tool. This nifty little gadget is like a multi-tool for grillers. It's a spatula, tongs and fork all in one tool. Omaha Steaks has Steak Sampler packages that can be shipped to Dad for the next party or just for his personal dinner. It also offers other meats and seafood and it is offering free shipping for Father's Day. Plus, if you shop through its website, it will donate 10% of the price on selected items to our troops via the Armed Forces Foundation.

How about a personal branding iron? These are fun and sure to bring a smile from Dad. Several online retailers offer the brands. Many come pre-designed with generic sayings or designs like smiley faces. Several sites offer personalized branding irons. Prices begin around $30 and increase depending on the design. Of course, there is always the outrageous grilling apron for dad with matching hat. You can purchase them with an infinite number of designs, slogans and sayings. It is a simple, but useful and appreciated gift.

Beer and Wine Connoisseur Dad
If you have a dad that loves fine wine, there are some very cool gifts to be found. William Sonoma offers a wine club. The club offers wine at various prices per bottle, per package and it will send your father an assortment of these wines monthly. For the true wine lover, try the Vinturi Essential Wine Aerator. This gadget adds just the right amount of air to the wine, speeding up the "breathing" process. It retails for around $35.

The Bottom Line
No matter what your dad's tastes are, there are plenty of worthwhile gift ideas out there for you to choose from. It will take some work, but if you do your research the chances are high that your dad will get a gift he will very much enjoy.

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