During the spring and summer months, many citizens enjoy landscaping their yards and gardens as family functions move from indoors to the backyard. Maintaining a beautifully landscaped yard can be a rewarding task for many people, however, it can be quite costly if you are not careful. From landscaping design to upkeep and maintenance, there are many costs involved in maintaining the health and appearance of a landscaped yard. Here is a look at five common landscaping mistakes that can cost you big.

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Don't Go Overboard
One of the biggest financial mistakes that many citizens make is tackling the task of yard landscaping without a well-defined plan. Many consumers suffer from sticker shock when they reach the register of their local nursery, due to the sheer cost that landscaping often entails. Rather than going to the store without a game plan, price flowers and plants carefully. Comparison shop at multiple locations before choosing the nursery that will supply the blooms for your garden.

Planting Trees in Tight Spaces
A huge mistake that some consumers make is planting trees or larger bushes in tight spaces. At first, there may not be much of a problem. However, when roots begin to grow you could be in for a bit of a nasty surprise. Tree roots can lift formerly pristine sheets of pavement, interfere with other trees and plants, and can become a real nuisance. You may be required to pay for repairs because cramped roots, or you might even have to hire a tree removal service. Prior to planting a tree or bush, it would be wise to ensure that you have enough room for the plant to grow into adulthood.

Beware of Invasive Plants
Invasive plants are types of plants that have wild roots, the ability to spread rapidly and survive under harsh conditions. Plants such as purple loosestrife and Oriental bittersweet vines are considered invasive plants. They can wreak havoc on your garden. Rather than having to pay a gardener a small fortune to remove the mess, steer clear of invasive plants.

Take Climate and Season into Consideration
Although you may have fallen in love with a particular plant at the nursery, it is very important that you take climate and season into consideration. If you live in an arid climate, it will be more cost effective to purchase hearty plants that won't wilt under the blistering heat of the sun. Rather than wasting money on plants that are incompatible with your climate, opt for flowers and trees that will thrive.

Don't Forget About Maintenance Costs
What many people often overlook when selecting their blooms at the nursery is how much they will have to pay regularly in maintenance costs. The costs of maintaining a beautifully landscaped garden can be staggering if you have a large garden with high-maintenance plants. When designing your garden or yard, take into consideration how much you will have to pay in maintenance and upkeep costs. Not all plants are easily cared for. Rather than going to the nursery blind, do your homework and research the maintenance costs associated with the plants that you are selecting.

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The Bottom Line
Landscaping your yard or garden can be a highly rewarding experience, but keep in mind that there are many hidden costs. While the flowers themselves may be quite costly, sometimes the sheer cost of maintaining a garden can be staggering. When designing your garden, allow optimum space for tree growth, choose hearty plants that are compatible with the season and your area's climate, and protect your wallet by using common sense and a little gardening know-how.

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