Yahoo! employees are excited to have new CEO Marissa Mayer on board but not only for the reasons you would expect. When Mayer took over, she gave all Yahoo! employees free food at their company's headquarters. For those who work for companies outside of the tech field, free food may seem lavish, but in Silicon Valley, that doesn't rank extraordinarily high. Especially when you compare free food to other outrageous CEO spending abuses and perks. Tech companies, especially startups looking for the best talent venture capitalist dollars can buy, shower their employees with gifts, not only to attract the best and brightest but to keep them there while the company is growing. If eating on the company dime doesn't impress you, maybe these perks will.

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Facebook is known for having its employees work ridiculous, or in young people startup terms, "epic" hours. If you're one of those people who works so much that you can't find time to do your laundry, apply for a job at Facebook. They'll do your laundry for you. If you get a hoodie back that isn't yours, you'll know where to send it, right?

More About the Food
Hey, we all love to eat and that's what makes food worth mentioning twice. It's not only Yahoo! - Marissa Mayer's old employer Google, and Facebook, offer free food all day long too. Now, you might be thinking that you get your choice between a turkey sandwich and a turkey sandwich with lettuce but that's hardly true. Much like a mall food court, the choices are vast and if you find spaghetti sauce on your shirt, you know where to get it cleaned.

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Aside from almost all of us, who actually drives themselves these days? If you're an employee of Uber, you certainly don't. All you do is hop on your smartphone and press a few buttons, and soon a car shows up to take you where you want to go. If that seems a little over the top, even for Silicon Valley companies, it might help to know that Uber is a startup that offers this same service to customers for a fee. is one of the many startups that offer liberal vacation policies. By liberal, we mean, there is no policy. Your work is measured by quality instead of how much time you spend at the office. If your work is done, go home and if you just finished a big project that took up crazy amounts of time, take some time off to recover. Don't you wish your job were like that? (And yes, they serve breakfast but the company doesn't disclose the menu…trade secrets)

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If you work at Google, not only do you get the distinction of saying you work at the Googleplex, but you also get access to bikes, volleyball courts, swimming pools, on-site oil changes, car wash services, a gym, hair stylist, dry cleaning, fitness classes and probably the best perk of any company, an indoor slide. (No mention of laundry services, though. They should work on that.)

The Bottom Line
How's that company holiday party and free coffee where you work sounding now? Not only are tech companies one of the hot, high-paying career sectors, but they have some of the best perks too. If you're thinking it's time to pack up your stuff and head to the west coast in search of these companies, if you have advanced computer skills, it might not be a bad idea. The Wall Street Journal reported average Silicon Valley salaries passing $100,000 this year, while the average amount of hoodies continues to rise as well.

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