Coupons have been helping consumers save money for generations. Many consumers take couponing very seriously, and will do whatever they can to trim added costs from their shopping bills. In today's technologically-savvy age, companies are taking couponing to the next level. There are many "deal-a-day" websites offering deep discounts on restaurant gift certificates, home goods, vacations and more. With that being said, not all coupon companies are created equal, and there are some coupon providers that give consumers a lot more bang for their buck. Here is a look at some of the major online coupon companies for an overview of which coupon company reigns supreme.

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Groupon is a highly popular website that offers discounted gift certificates and tickets to events and venues in many major cities. Groupon offers discounts of usually 50 to 90% off select products, services or events. Groupon offers a wide variety of discounts for members to take advantage of, and is exceptionally user friendly. The discounts it offers range from home goods to luxurious vacations depending upon the area you reside in.

Living Social
Another widely used discount website that is quite similar to Groupon is Living Social. Living Social offers up to 70% off select merchandise, gift certificates, tickets and more. Some of the discounted items include gift certificates to spas and restaurants, designer apparel, and home goods. Living Social is a daily deal website, and its offerings change frequently. The company is based in Washington, D.C., but offers discounts to consumers in many cities across the globe. Living Social is easy to use and makes going out on the town affordable again.

Daily Steals
Daily Steals is another online discount site worth considering. Dailysteals offers deep discounts on merchandise to consumers, often more than 50% off the manufacturer's suggested retail price. This website is a good option for consumers looking to save money on electronic items or home goods. Daily Steal features a user friendly interface and great prices. However, it does not seem to offer as many products as some of the other "deal-a-day" discount sites.

Another website that offers discounts on merchandise and gift certificates is Dealfind. Dealfind prides itself on not only offering deep discounts to its customers, but also that they feature only high quality items. Their website states "We Only Feature Products and Services Worth Buying." Upon review, this statement certainly appears to hold up. Dealfind is easy to maneuver, offers some decent deals, and their customer service department is exceptional.

An up and coming daily deal website is SharingSpree. Currently only available in a few U.S. metro areas, SharingSpree offers discounts on merchandise and services in select cities. Comparable to Living Social and Groupon, SharingSpree is beginning to pick up speed in the cities it serves. SharingSpree has a user-friendly interface, and is definitely a site to watch out for in the future.

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The Bottom Line
Daily deal sites are popping up across the Internet like wild fire, but not all discount sites are created equal. When reviewing discount sites that slash prices on all types of services, Groupon reigns king due to its discounts of up to 90%, with Living Social coming in a close second. Meanwhile, SharingSpree has a lot of potential, with its comparable services and discounts to other more prominent sites. The only thing holding SharingSpree back is its limited service area. Alternatively, customers looking to save money on merchandise as opposed to entertainment options will want to give Dealfind serious consideration. Although Groupon still seems to have the market edge in terms of deep discounts, other sites such as Living Social and SharingSpree are rapidly catching up.

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