Top Recession Wines For The Holidays

By Stephanie Powers | November 06, 2009 AAA
Top Recession Wines For The Holidays

You've planned the best holiday meal ever. Now it's time to shop for all the ingredients. Your list is long, but the funds are short and no amount of coupon clipping, sale perusing or creative cooking is going to help. Don't fret! You don't have to sacrifice a tasty bottle of wine. Whether domestic or imported, there are inexpensive wines available to satisfy every discriminating taste bud.

Holiday menus often include a complicated array of aromas and flavors. Choose multiple types of wine to compliment a variety of dishes. Select from the following list of budget-friendly wine bargains to add to your shopping cart.

Hogue; Genesis Riesling, Oregon ($15). The master of budget culinary cuisine, Rachel Ray selected this wine as one of her favorites. Serve with glazed holiday ham and all the fixings.

Alfasi Cabernet Sauvignon Kosher; Herzog Wine Cellars, Chile ($8). Certified kosher, Alfasi is a complex wine perfect with a mixed green salad and salmon.

Goats du Roam 2007; Goats do Roam Wine Company, South Africa ($11). Goats du Roam is a blend of Syrah grapes with South African Pinotage. It offers a fruity, oak taste to compliment rack of lamb or lamb chops.

Bellingham Shiraz 2005; Bellingham Wines, South Africa ($11). This robust wine holds its own with braised roast beef. (If you fail to uncork profits in this market, you can always toast your loss. Don't miss Investing In Fine Wine.)

Foxglove, California ($18), Selected by Food and Wine Magazine as one of the top wines under $20. Savor the rich spicy taste with pasta and poultry.

Terrazzo Esino Bianco; Terrazzo, Italy ($8). This highly versatile wine is light enough to serve with pasta, seafood and winter vegetables such as squash or sweet potatoes.

Robertson Winery Gewürztraminer, South Africa ($10). Made from the spicy traminer grape, this wine offers a sweet alternative for dessert.

Trevor Jones Virgin Chardonnay, Australia ($14). The Virgin Chardonnay is crisp wine aged in stainless steel tanks. It compliments turkey, potatoes, cheese dishes and also seafood.

Tabor Hill Classic Demi-sec, Michigan, ($10). Toast in the New Year with this sparkling wine. (Use these tips for a bountiful Yuletide on a Scrooge-like budget. Take a look at Avoid Overspending This Holiday Season.)

Pinot Noir
Three Thieves Pinot Noir; Three Thieves, California ($11). This wine received 4 out of 5 glasses in the wine rankings. Serve with your favorite duck recipe.

Gallo Twin Valley White Merlot, California ($7). Enjoy the full-bodied flavor of Merlot with Thanksgiving turkey as well as turkey dish leftovers.

Good taste is more affordable than ever. Even on a humble budget you can keep the celebration flowing by adding recession-chic wines to your holiday table. This way you can keep your guests - and your finances - satisfied. (For more tips on keeping your costs down this holiday season, check out Host A Holiday Party For Less.)

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