You've probably heard the phrase "put your money where your mouth is." If you like to talk, then the inverse of the saying, "putting your mouth where the money is," might be a good idea. Here are six careers worth exploring if you love to make your voice heard. (Find out if spreading your wings to try a new career will make you soar or fall flat. check out Financial Career Options For Professionals.)

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1. Sales
The gift of gab is huge asset in sales, as you educate and persuade potential customers and build valuable emotional connections and relationships. And while no job is recession-proof, by definition, the purpose of sales people is to make the company money. As a result, the effective salespeople are some of the most valuable resources a company has - in both good times and bad. According to online salary database, a sales director can expect an annual income of $58,100 - $115,800 per year.

2. Motivational Speaker
If you are a dynamic speaker, have a specific passion and an entrepreneurial spirit, you could do well as a motivational speaker. Once you've honed in on your specific speaking niche, attending a public speaking class like Toastmasters can provide feedback and tips on how to maximize your "stage presence" and engage the audience. Initially, your revenue stream will likely be inconsistent, as you market your services and build a following. Your salary will depend on your ability to consistently book speaking gigs, but data indicates that speakers/lecturers can make $33,300 - $54,700 per year.

3. Television Broadcaster
Generally there are three areas of focus in broadcast television: news, weather and sports reporting. As a newscaster, you'll gather, prepare and present stories ranging from local, state, national and international events, or focus on stories with a general interest, entertainment , political, business or lifestyle slant. Weather forecasters gather information from national weather services and report current and forecasted weather on the morning, daytime and nightly news, as well as providing live coverage when newsworthy weather strikes. Sportscasters write and deliver sports news, including local events, interviews with players and coaches and real-time coverage of the game or event. According to, the salary range in broadcasting is $41,400 - $68,000 per year. (The Series 3 exam is your quickest way to diversifying sales and adding futures to your future. Read Creating A Career With Commodities.)

4. Voice-Over Acting
Do you ever wonder who the person on the radio commercial, in your voice mail system or speaking while you wait on hold is? It's a voice over actor. If you have a pleasant speaking voice and can transform scripted material into sincere-sounding statements, it might be just the career for you. While having a pleasant or unique voice is fundamental, your success in this field will be determined largely by your acting ability, which can be crafted with proper training. This path will also require some entrepreneurial gusto, as you will need to continually market your services to producers and talent agents. Initially, expect to make anywhere from $75-$400 a commercial depending on what market your work is being played in. Once you are more established, you may be able to negotiate and command higher rates. reports the annual salary range for this career as $34,600 - $82,100.

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5. Radio Show Host DJ
Radio disk jockeys have the power to captivate listeners for hours each day on a variety of topics, and the job provides an opportunity to really pour your unique personality into it. But, the job is much more than just talking. You'll also need to understand the ins and outs of the radio business like promotions, traffic, production and programming. The best way to break into this kind of gig is to start in small markets where you can learn the ropes, and work your way into the larger ones as you gain experience. reports $29,400 - $57,100 as the annual salary range for a radio show host.

6. Employee Trainer
Employee trainers, also called corporate or professional trainers, often play a large role when new employees are hired into a company, by leading new hire orientation training sessions and introducing new workers to a company's policies and internal systems. They are also involved in continuing education and training for existing employees. reports the salary range for this job as $41,100 - $66,900 per year. (Find out how to decide between these two financial professions. See Broker Or Trader: Which Career Is Right For You?)

The Bottom Line
The ability to speak convincingly and succinctly is a valuable asset in the business world, and these are just a few of the career paths that can parlay your natural inclinations to talk into an enjoyable career.

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