A complaint that has been repeated often by many American citizens who are struggling to find work is that there are no jobs to be found. Although many citizens are still having trouble finding employment, studies have shown that there is work out there. However, it just might not be the type of work that citizens are looking for. Some of these jobs are hard to fill and even carry with them a six-figure salary. While you'd think struggling citizens would be lining up for any job that could keep them afloat, there are simply some jobs that no one wants. Here is a look at three jobs that are widely available, but few people seem to be willing to take them on.

Tractor-Trailer Truck Driver
One profession that certainly does not have a lack of opportunities right now is that of the tractor-trailer truck driver. According to an article released by wantedanalytics.com, in July 2012 there were more than 138,000 job openings available for tractor-trailer truck drivers in the United States. Some positions were open for more than 10 weeks without a qualified applicant coming forward. Tractor-trailer truck drivers can expect to make an average salary of $55,000 per year, and they have the potential to make much more once required training has been completed and experience built up. While there are risks and sacrifices involved with being a tractor-trailer truck driver, such as being away from family for extended periods of time, salary is definitely not one of the drawbacks.

Auto Service Technician
Another job that has a high average salary and high demand is an auto service technician. Auto service technicians can expect to make an average salary of $42,000 per year but can make well over $100,000 with training and experience. In addition, the U.S. Department of Labor has predicted that the need for auto service technicians will increase in the coming years and it will need 100,000 able bodies to keep the automotive industry running smoothly.

High-Rise Window Washer
A job that is definitely not for the faint of heart that has an abundance of openings is high-rise window washer. Finding solid applicants for this position is not as simple as a retail or office job. The applicant must be comfortable working at staggering heights, deal with inclement weather and feel secure in a job where a lot of accidents occur.
According to an article released by thefiscaltimes.com, eight people are injured every year in New York City alone, and 75 high rise window washers have died between the years 1983 and 2008. While the risks are clear, the benefits come in the form of a solid salary. High-rise window washers make on average $14 to $19 an hour. However, this can increase depending on your contract bids. Window washers make bids on contracts for various companies and they can accept as many or as few as they'd like. By being an independent contractor, high-rise window washers can determine the amount they want to bring in.

The Bottom Line
There are plenty of jobs in America if you know where to look. While some require a special degree or experience, others will accept candidates who are willing to learn, especially if the business need is severe enough. The examples given above are just the tip of the iceberg. The next time you find yourself looking for a job, try thinking outside of the box. There are plenty of job opportunities available to citizens brave enough to take them.

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