With Thanksgiving just days away, many citizens will already have ironed our their travel plans and are preparing for their trips back home for the long holiday weekend. There are some citizens who have delayed booking their travel plans until now and are presently trying to book their means of transportation just days before the big feasts are scheduled to begin. If you have procrastinated in finalizing your travel arrangements, hope is not completely lost. There are plenty of ways to score last-minute flight and train tickets if you act fast. Here is a look at five options for procrastinating citizens who are making holiday travel plans at the last minute.

Be Flexible
When booking transportation tickets at the last minute, it helps to be flexible with your departure time and location. If you are fortunate enough to live in an area that has multiple airports, such as New York, check for flights at all the local airports and identify which one will best meet your needs. Additionally, there can be price fluctuations depending on which airport you depart from. This method also works exceptionally well when traveling by bus or train. Prices also may vary depending on departure time. By being flexible, you are ensuring that you finalize your transportation needs for the upcoming holiday and are protecting your wallet in the process.

Get Creative
If you are having trouble booking a non-stop flight or train ticket to your holiday destination, then you may need to get creative with how you travel. Often, you can mix and match flights, or take a flight for the majority of your course and a train or bus the remainder of the way. The benefit of this is that not only are you making it to your holiday destination on time, but mixing and matching transportation methods can also sometimes save you money. If you should experience the misfortune that you cannot find a direct flight to your destination, dig a little deeper and see if you can coordinate connecting flights, or even coordinate a flight with a train or bus route.

Book Immediately
A big issue that many citizens face when booking travel arrangements at the last minute is the cost of plane tickets. If you see a great deal or a low price on a flight to your destination, do not wait any longer to book it. Travel costs tend to increase directly before a holiday, especially a big one like Thanksgiving. According to an article released by USA Today, major holidays in the United States, such as Thanksgiving and Christmas, drive up travel costs.

Best Days to Travel
The days on which you travel can mean the difference between paying a massive out-of-pocket amount and getting the best possible value on your travel costs. If you are strapped for time, flying to your holiday destination on Thanksgiving Day can actually yield significant savings. For many citizens, flying out on the holiday itself is not feasible, but if you can travel to your holiday location on Thanksgiving Day, you may see big savings as opposed to the day before the holiday. According to ABC News, the best bet for your return flight is either on Black Friday or on Nov. 27, 2012.

Check Out Online Travel Sites
When all else fails there are some travel sites that actually specialize in last minute bookings. Some sites that may provide deep discounts on your travel arrangements include LastMinuteTravel.com, LastMinute.com and LicketyTrip.com. These websites each offer last-minute deals.

The Bottom Line
Booking travel plans at the last minute before a big holiday, such as Thanksgiving, can not only be stressful, but costly as well. By shopping smart, and being flexible with your travel dates and times, you can easily save yourself from paying a hefty amount just to head home for the holidays.

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