Black Friday has arrived and the sales have begun. However, not everybody is out at the stores and rushing the doors to get their hands on low-priced merchandise. There are many consumers who are anxiously awaiting great deals on Cyber Monday. In 2011, Cyber Monday was the biggest sale day for online shopping, and 2012 appears to be following suit. While Black Friday is offering some amazing deals, Cyber Monday is your best chance for deals in the 2012 holiday shopping season. Here is a look at why Cyber Monday is the best bet in 2012.

Many Retailers Are Offering Free Shipping
A big draw for many consumers this Cyber Monday is that a growing list of retailers and big box stores is offering free shipping with no minimum purchase amount. This allows consumers to purchase what they would in-store on Black Friday, and enjoy the convenience of having their merchandise delivered to their front door instead of lugging it home or carrying it through various stores during a long day of shopping. Some of the major retailers that are offering free shipping include Best Buy, French Connection and Free shipping on Cyber Monday is going to be a big draw for consumers looking to finish their holiday shopping early.

Brilliant Online Sales
Cyber Monday has plenty of online sales that are highly comparable to some of the best Black Friday ads. Some of the great online sales that Cyber Monday is featuring include 30% off all sale items at Aldo. At all sweaters are 80% off. is offering 40 to 50% off select merchandise, such as handbags, jewelry and faux furs. Other excellent deals include 40% off everything from J. Crew Factory, 25% off all merchandise at Converse and $20 off purchases of $100 or more at Beauty Bar. There are plenty of other Cyber Monday sales, with many retailers still keeping their Cyber Monday ads a secret. Cyber Monday has many surprises in store for consumers, and it is projected to be an amazing sale day.

Surprising Survey Results
Cyber Monday is expected to have a huge turnout and many consumers are waiting for the very end of Thanksgiving weekend to cash in on rock-bottom sales. According to an article by Fox News, 41% of polled citizens plan to shop on Cyber Monday. With so many people expecting Cyber Monday's deals to outshine Black Friday's low prices, its no surprise that word is catching on. As the Cyber Monday ads begin to be released online, it appears that consumers are right about Cyber Monday being the better deal in 2012.

In past years, Black Friday has typically been the bigger draw, with huge doorbuster sales, rock-bottom prices and overly-advertised sales. Cyber Monday is not advertised to the extent that Black Friday is. Nevertheless, consumers are expecting big things from Cyber Monday 2012.

The Bottom Line
While both Black Friday and Cyber Monday offer excellent deals, Cyber Monday appears to have a distinct edge in 2012. With free shipping offers, amazing sales and plenty of hype to go along with the biggest online shopping day of the year, it will be no surprise when reports come out of Cyber Monday's success. Only time will tell if Cyber Monday 2012 will live up to its expectations, but so far all indicators show that Cyber Monday is going to be an exceedingly busy and successful day for retailers and consumers alike. For added success on Cyber Monday, review the ads as soon as possible, create a list of the items you want to purchase online and be prepared for delays.

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