Santa Claus may in fact be one of the most well-known figures in history. He is more popular than any Hollywood star and billions of children patiently wait for him to visit once per year.

Barring his popularity, old Saint Nick runs a pretty efficient organization. He shares the same qualities as some of the best CEOs of all time. How does he do it? How can he serve billions of customers in such a short period of time? The North Pole only sees sunlight for six months of the year.

Efficient Production
With thousands of elves helping Santa and only a few months to get toys ready for 1.8 billion children, Santa Claus needs to stay well organized. As Christmas draws nearer, there are exponentially more orders to fill and less time to do so. Santa's continual motivation to his workers is proof he is one of the greatest leaders in the realm of business. Plus Santa needs to make sure he gives himself enough time to check his list twice! Santa truly runs one of the most efficient production lines in the world.

Decreased Labor Costs
One of the highest costs for any business is its labor costs. Since the North Pole is not incorporated, there is no way to tell if he is or isn't paying his elves in monetary coins, but since the North Pole is not owned by a specific country, it does not have an official currency. It has been rumored that Santa is able to pay his workers in candy canes and cocoa, but one can only speculate. With the average worker in the United States being paid $23.63 per hour, Santa spends an average of $3,776 per month on each elf. With hundreds if not thousands of elves that would need to be paid, Santa evades paying hundreds of thousands of dollars a month in labor costs.

Successful Marketing Campaign
Kris Kringle probably has one of the greatest marketing strategies of all time. His brand is world renowned and it defines itself as the face of Christmas. Mr. Claus' numerous endorsement deals with well-known brands ensure that children around the world remember that Santa is watching. As with any successful marketing campaign, Santa Claus has adjusted his brand in many countries around the world. He is known as Papa Noel in Spain and France, and Weihnachtsmann in Germany.

His successful marketing campaign is complemented by the amazing customer service provided by the North Pole. Customer Service representatives reply to each letter sent and guarantee return customers, something many companies struggle with.

Tax Haven
Since no one country owns the North Pole it is considered a tax haven. Santa doesn't have to worry about claiming any income he receives from his endorsement videos or capital gains on his investments. Payroll taxes in the United Sates were around 15% last year, but whatever Santa grosses, Santa pockets.

Business Traits
Like any good businessperson, Santa Claus emulates four key characteristics that successful CEOs hold. Santa believes in the organization he runs, assures quality, focus and commitment to customers. Without the following traits, businesses fail to be successful in the long run. Without focus, motivation and belief there will be no success. Santa is said to be one of the world's greatest CEOs. Compared to Steve Jobs (the late CEO of Apple), Fred Smith (CEO of FedEx) and Dave Thomas (the late founder and CEO of Wendy's) Mr. Claus is leaps and bounds ahead of their management styles.

The Bottom Line
Santa may in fact run the most successful business in the world. His exceptional marketing scheme, efficient production and his ability to be a great leader all contribute to the reason he is the strongest leader this world has ever seen. His business traits paired with outstanding customer service make many look up to him and wish that they too can one day run a business like he does. So before you make your next business decision, ask yourself: What would Santa do?

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