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Long EUR/USD between 1.3159 and 1.3135 if the price reaches this level before 4pm GMT today. Take 85% of the position as profit at 1.3200, move the stop to break even and allow the remainder to run.

Day traders should wait for the price to return to 1.3159 and look for trades from fast long breaks of inside or engulfing bars on the 15 minute chart, being prepared to enter more than once if necessary, but not more than three times. After one 15 minute bar closes below 1.3135, the signal is invalidated.

Traders that cannot be near their screen should set a limit buy order at 1.3159 with a stop loss at 1.3125.

EUR/USD Signal July 23
1. If both of the signals are triggered, bear in mind that both the trades have USD risk in the same direction, so you might wish to make the second trade a smaller position size.
2. The GBP/USD signal is likely to be stronger, if triggered, than the EUR/USD signal.

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