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Video Summary: Fed Chair Janet Yellen delivered prepared commentary that led a Dollar bounce. But does it mean a sustained move higher? Here’s what we’re watching.

- Dollar clings onto pivotal support versus Euro, Yen following Fed Chair commentary

- Forex markets remain quiet, but is low EURUSD volatility a good thing?

- Keep a close eye on financial markets as Emerging Market troubles haven’t disappeared

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Forex Correlations SummaryView forex correlations to the S&P 500, S&P Volatility Index (VIX), Crude Oil Futures prices, US 2-Year Treasury Yields, and Spot Gold prices.

forex_Janet_Yellen_Commentary_and_effects_on_US_Dollar_body_Picture_5.png, Fed Chair Yellen Leads Dollar Bounce, but What's Next?Data source: Bloomberg. Chart source: R SEE GUIDE ON READING THE ABOVE CHART

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