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Talking Points:

• Hope and fear was stirred by the FOMC this past session, but risk trends are not set

• Where the safe haven dollar rallied on a nearer-term Taper, the S&P 500 stands defiant

• There is plenty of risk cannon fodder this week; but when sentiment does shift, it will be market-wide

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With EURUSD, AUDUSD and EURJPY all dropping through the end of this week, there is building anticipation of larger bear trends ahead. However, that all depends on a market-unifying theme taking hold: risk trends. There are few elemental themes that can alter the entire financial system and its capital tide, and general investor sentiment is the most prominent. Yet, to reach the kind of breadth of trend development that could rival the major trends of years' past, we need a larger catalyst. In this Forex Strategy Video we discuss how to establish a comprehensive assessment of risk trends and use it to assess the market's current 'risk' standing.

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