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Talking Points:

• There are many variables surrounding the FOMC decision, but traders should focus on two key elements

• The 'surprise' factor in the first Taper will assess which assets are caught off guard

• A far more market-moving element of this meeting is what it means for risk trends - the S&P 500

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The FOMC rate decision is dead ahead, and the risk of volatility is high. Yet, what should we look for in this event to gauge how it will impact the dollar or S&P 500? The decision to Taper or not is an important consideration on its own; but there are further questions as to how much could they move, what level of consistency in subsequent rate decisions will they hint at, what evidence for the timing of the first rate hike will they be, etc. In today's Forex Strategy Video, we break the review into its two critical parts: what level of 'surprise' is there given the market's adjustments these past months and - most critical of all - how will the event affect obstinant risk trends.

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