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• A day of moderation followed Monday's extreme risk aversion leaving us to wonder if bear are in control

• After side-by-side corrections, both S&P 500 and USDollar face serious support - 1,735 and 10,665

• Risk trends is a critical theme for many trade opportunities, but a few - like the GBP - can stray

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The dramatic plunge for equities, yen crosses and the Emerging Market through the open of the week cooled this past session. The stability we are left with is dubious and will likely be short-lived. Yet, that doesn't mean another dramatic crash through another risk-based technical floor is an inevitable outcome. Correlations along sentiment lines are still strong, and there are many perma-bulls that only need a brief period of consolidation to encourage confidence to jump in on a 'pullback' in a larger risk trend. Yet, the bulls are proving more circumspect than they have been in the past. Fear of rising volatility (risk) is accompanying a general stimulus withdrawal and yield forecasts (return) are not keeping pace. Are we still on pace for a deeper bear wave? We discuss this and more in today's Trading Video.

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