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- USDJPY Trades atcritical support as the Government shutdown drags on

- A break below would likely coincide with a major move in volatility

- Our trading strategy outlook would change considerably on a USDJPY breakdown

Watch the first 10 minutes of the archived webinar to see a full rundown on why I believe the USDJPY is setting up for a major breakdown. And--just as importantly--a Japanese Yen surge would have a direct effect on our automated trading strategy portfolio.

If and when the USDJPY breaks major support, we'll likely see a bounce in volatility prices and would favor Breakout2 trading across JPY pairs.

See the full strategy table below and contact me via Twitter with any questions

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forex_video_Volatility_Could_Surge_on_Japanese_Yen_Pairs_body_MarketConditions.png, USDJPY Breakdown Would Change Our Favorite Trade Setupsforex_video_Volatility_Could_Surge_on_Japanese_Yen_Pairs_body_Mirror.png, USDJPY Breakdown Would Change Our Favorite Trade SetupsAutomate our SSI-based trading strategies via Mirror Trader free of charge

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