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Forex pairs in this Article » EUR/USD (Chicago) - EUR/USD maintains 0.23% gains and 1.80% monthly gains ahead of Wall Street’s closing.

EUR/USD Technical Levels

Technically speaking, the pair is offered at 1.3551 and oscillates between supports aligned at 1.3461 (September 24th lows), 1.34 (August 28th highs) ahead of 1.3220 (August 26th lows) and the resistances set at 1.3564 (September 28th highs), 1.3631 (October 4th highs) followed by 1.3716 (January 30th highs). According to the trend index, the pair is slightly bearish on one-hour timeframe analysis below EMA20.

According to Chief Analyst, Valeria Bednarik, “for third week in a row, the EUR/USD is about to close the week with a shy, little range doji that makes a louder statement than any policy maker around these days: uncertainty rules and the world economies are far from pass their particular recession woes. We can blame it on Europe some days and in the US others, but at the end, neither of both economies is able to stand on growth territory, leaving the pair among the less profitable across the board, even when it comes just to intraday trading.”
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