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Forex pairs in this Article » EUR/USD (New York) - The EUR/USD foreign exchange rate has remained in positive territory Monday, despite easing off its earlier highs throughout the beginning of the US session.

EUR/USD strategic bias

According to the Technical Analyst Team at, “The EUR/USD is moving gradually to the upside after gaining an upside momentum from levels around support 1.3315. We think that the upside move might extend in the U.S. session today and this week in general unless levels 1.3270 were breached and the pair stabilized below it. Of note, breaching 1.3416 is significant to extend the current bullish wave.”

EUR/USD technical levels

Having peaked at the 1.3375 level earlier today (intraday high), the EUR/USD has initiated an easing movement that has taken it back to 1.3349 in these moments. However, despite the easing, the pair remains positive at a rate of +0.10% above its opening, albeit in the absence of any US data. In terms of the technical levels, the EUR/USD will look to test resistance at its previous high of 1.3374, onto 1.3411, and finally 1.3433, calculates the analyst team.
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