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Forex pairs in this Article » EUR/USD (London) - Kit Juckes, Head of Global Currency Strategy looks ahead after the NFP’s blow out.

Key Quotes:

“So payroll Tuesday blew out my EUR/USD short, inter alia. This was a carry-fan's dream. The unemployment rate fell but employment was soft, highlighting yet again that trend labour force growth has slowed. That feeds into doubts about trend growth and terminal Fed Funds, but those questions are for another day”.

“For now, lower for (even) longer, carry on hunting for yield. Re-set eur/usd shorts close to 1.40, but be patient. Look for close to parity in aud/USD. Go on looking for 3.5 in 1yr in 5yrs. Credit rally trundles on, and on. Stay long IDR. More 'no taper in 2014' pieces likely”.

“I am wandering around the Middle East, realising this whole region is geared to the world cup, or cheap dollars, or both. Folks, there will be a day to lock in cheap money, just not today. Longer thoughts later”.

“…thoughts on the UK's (improving) public finances...stay long GBP, short gilts vs 'others'”
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