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Forex pairs in this Article » AUD/USD (Barcelona) - The AUDUSD is building up a behavioural pattern with the 20-EMA on the 30m chart. One that some traders may have spotted to cleverly capitalize on the Aussie/US Dollar bear run.

After the technical breakout of 1.0485 static support - preceded by the first touch of the 30m 20-EMA at 1.0530 - the par sell off was halted at round 1.0450, creating a series of semi-intraday lows at 1.0455 and in the process an upleg just 2 pips short from kissing the 30m 20-EMA, before sellers stepped in.

Following the modest downside resumption of the bear trend to new lows at 1.0438 in Asia, a bounce has, again, met with the 30m 20-EMA at 1.0455, causing the price to revisit short term established support at 1.0443.

So what is the 30m 20-EMA communicating? For the sellers, it essentially reassures them they are in control, as they try to compress prices lower in order achieve further gains, with 1.04 possibly as a logical target in mind. For buyers, it shows that unless the 30m 20-EMA is regained to the upside and holds as dynamic support afterwards, so as to slowly recover ground, entering blindly at current lows carries some large risk.
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