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Forex pairs in this Article » GBP/USD (New York) - The GBP/USD technical pair initially rallied after an overnight dip at the hands of lackluster NZ data, however US trading has seen a slightly easing envelope the pair.

GBP/USD downside move remains valid

“The GBP/USD is trading between the negative Linear Regression Indicators stably below 1.5290 levels. Therefore, the possibility of a downside move is valid today.” notes the Technical Analyst Team at

GBP/USD unable to break out during US trading

Presently, the GBP/USD is still operating negatively at 1.5245 in these moments, down a tepid -0.06% during US trading. The analyst team has identified measures of support at 1.5180, then 1.5118, and finally 1.5035. Conversely, the pair will face resistance at 1.5325, onto 1.5408, and eventually 1.5470.
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