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Forex pairs in this Article » GBP/USD (New York) - The GBP/USD technical cross has sailed to session highs Monday during European trading, still operating below the 1.5000 barrier.

GBP/USD streaking higher

The GBP/USD foreign exchange rate is currently moving higher to intraday highs at 1.4927 in these moments, up a healthy +0.40% thus far Monday. Briefing the technicals, analysts have identified resistances at 1.5001, onto 1.5122, and 1.5194. Conversely, support for the GBP/USD will be encountered at 1.4808, then 1.4736, and 1.4615.

GBP/USD trading below a 1.5000 a negative

According to the Technical Analyst at, “The GBP/USD broke below the previous low at 1.5008, causing a strong bearish wave that is likely to extend, whereas trading below 1.5008 is currently accompanied by a negative crossover on Linear Regression Indicators. The pair isn’t responding to oversold signals on momentum Indicators. Therefore, trading below 1.5000 this week will be considered negative.”
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