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Forex pairs in this Article » EUR/USD, USD/CHF, GBP/USD, USD/JPY (Lisbon) - Equities were once again pointed higher Wednesday, however the main difference in themes was the outperformance by European markets thus far, notching sizable gains across the board.

Beginning with the indices and composites, the Shanghai traded at +0.15% as it settled in region of 2241.27, up +3.28 points. In addition, the Nikkei is in positive territory at 14425.07, ascending +1.71 points or +0.01%. Finally, the Hang Seng also moved lower towards 22898.89, or -0.33% after a movement of -76.51 points.

In European markets, today the EURO STOXX jumped +1.90% as it moved in region of 2851.40, up +53.09 points in these moments. Moreover, the FTSE 100 is trading in positive territory, operating at 6583.99, moving +53.82 points or +0.82% at the time of writing. Finally, the DAX has surged higher at the opening, trading in the zone of 8446.54, presently +2.06% after a movement of +170.22 points.

Moving to commodities, the price of gold has settled at $1366.47 per oz., while silver is now negotiating a spot price of $23.07 per oz. Wednesday.

In terms of FX, the EUR/USD is now trading at 1.3255 (-0.10%), the USD/JPY has settled at 100.32 (-0.02%), the GBP/USD at 1.5728 (-0.03%), and the USD/CHF at 0.9356 (+0.09%).
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