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Forex pairs in this Article » USD/JPY (Barcelona) - This Asian session has brought some conspicuous weakness in the Yen following the release of Japanese data and strength in the US Dollar – perhaps in anticipation of DXY-bullish news and data flow during the US session on Friday in addition to the lower Yen effect.

The Yen is back on the downside after a multi-day bounce

The release of the Leading Economic Indicators out of Japan and word out of the Japanese Government Pension Investment Fund (GPIF) that they would be making moves that would be weakening the Yen in the near future was apparently enough reason for those who have been buying the Yen up recently to lighten up on their positions. The USD/JPY moved up from 101.92 to 102.23 after the Leading Index data were announced at 05:00 GMT. To be fair, though, the USD/JPY was already on the move higher leading up to the release of that data point as traders seemed to be pricing in USD-bullish data later in Friday’s session in addition to the GPIF news.

Australia’s Performance of Construction Data shows a gain month over month

The Performance of Construction data out of Australia showed a nice monthly gain but did little to stem the recent downward pressure on the Aussie Dollar. Simply put, global managers and analysts seem to be down on the Aussie Dollar given the sketchy nature of the still nascent economic recovery in Australia and lingering concerns about how the Aussie economy could withstand any prolonged economic weakness or hawkish policies out of China.

Main headlines in Asia:

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