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Forex pairs in this Article » USD/CHF (New York) - The USD/CHF technical pair has managed to hold onto the majority of its gains Wednesday, albeit operating slightly below its intraday maximum of 0.9445.

USD/CHF navigating above first resistance

Presently however, the USD/CHF has kept its earlier thrust intact, clinging to gains of +0.54% during US trading, whilst settling at 0.9433 in these moments. Following an earlier surge above calculated resistance at 0.9422, the USD/CHF will face additional measures of correction at 0.9459 and 0.9511.

USD/CHF full speed ahead after breach of 0.9400 barrier

“The USD/CHF foreign exchange rate moved to the upside earlier, trading above the 0.9380 level and stabilizing above the 0.9400 barrier. Breaching this level might extend the intraday upside move today especially that the pair is stable above Linear Regression Indicators.” Notes the Technical Analyst Team.
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