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Forex pairs in this Article » EUR/USD, USD/CHF, GBP/USD, USD/JPY (Lisbon) - Global equities recorded mixed gains Friday, with a general stagnation across FX markets thus far.

Beginning with the indices and composites, the Shanghai traded at -0.89% as it settled in region of 2236.82, down -19.39 points. In addition, the Nikkei is in positive territory at 14387.27, ascending +17.40 points or +0.12%. Finally, the Hang Seng also moved lower towards 22841.77, or -0.48% after a movement of -109.68 points.

In European markets, today the EURO STOXX moved -0.05% as it moved in region of 2862.07, down -1.37 points in these moments. Moreover, the FTSE 100 is trading in positive territory, operating at 6588.98, moving +0.55 points or +0.01% at the time of writing. Finally, the DAX has hobbled lower at the opening, trading in the zone of 8494.00, presently -0.02% after a movement of -1.73 points.

Moving to commodities, the price of gold has settled at $1315.97 per oz., while silver is now negotiating a spot price of $21.83 per oz. Friday.

In terms of FX, the EUR/USD is now trading at 1.3281 (-0.14%), the USD/JPY has settled at 99.72 (+0.22%), the GBP/USD at 1.5799 (-0.02%), and the USD/CHF at 0.9325 (+0.19%).
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