1. Tech Rebound Sends US Markets Higher (SPY, DIA)

    Weekly technical summary of the major U.S. indexes.
  2. Why This Healthcare ETF Is Surging (IHI, MDT)

    Politics are helping this healthcare ETF.
  3. VTSMX: Top 5 Mutual Fund Holders of Verizon (VZ)

    Discover the top five largest mutual fund holders of Verizon Communications shares, and learn how their portfolio allocations ...
  4. Top 3 Healthcare ETFs for 2017 (XLV, VHT)

    Potential changes in the healthcare market are creating investment opportunities. These ETFs are poised to take advantage.
  5. Top 3 Commodities ETFs for 2017 (DBC, BCM)

    Commodities were hot in the second half of last year, and these ETFs offer exposure to the sector for 2017.
  6. Top 3 Auto Industry ETFs for 2017 (CARZ, ADRA)

    Diehard car fanatics may want to check out these attractive auto industry ETFs.
  1. How Your Fear May Be Compromising Your Future

    BlackRock's Investor Pulse survey found Americans are still sitting on an ample pile of cash. Patrick Nolan offers three ...
  2. Pot Stock Winners of the Week

    The broader sector rose this week, but these seven companies stood out.
  3. Why This Healthcare ETF Is Surging (IHI, MDT)

    Politics are helping this healthcare ETF.
  4. Get Ready to Play the Energy Bounce (XLE, OIH)

    The introduction of weak hands should short-circuit the month-long energy sector decline and generate a multi-week recovery ...
  5. Top 5 Books Every Young Investor Must Read

    Reading these respected books by finance legends will help you begin investing on the right foot.
  6. How Landscaping Can Make You a Better Investor

    A portfolio can become overgrown if neglected for too long.
  1. Wealthfront Review 2017: Fees and Investment Facts

    Wealthfront is one of the premier robo-advisors. Here's a breakdown of the brokerage's fees and features.
  2. Would You Take Financial Advice from a Robot?

    A combination of robo-advising and human advising can provide affordable, quality investing advice.
  3. Advisors: How to Make Robo Technology Work for You

    Financial planners who embrace the digital revolution see robo advisors as an edge, not a threat.
  4. Robos & Financial Advisors: Cooperation Not Competition

    Instead of seeing robo-advisors as a threat, traditional financial advisors should embrace them.
  5. Robo-Advisor (Robo-Adviser)

    Robo-advisors are digital platforms that provide automated, algorithm-driven financial planning services with little to no ...
  6. Pros and Cons of Robo-Advisor Personal Capital

    A look at the pros and cons of robo-advisor Personal Capital's robust platform.
  1. Top 3 Investment-Grade Corporate Bond ETFs (LQD, VCSH)

    If you're seeking a hedge against a volatile stock market, these bond ETFs are worth a look.
  2. Desperate for Yield: Why 100-Year Bonds Are Hot

    Investors rush to scoop up the 100-year debt of junk-rated Argentina illustrates the search for yield.
  3. This Hedge Fund Made 19% Returns With Safe Bond Bets

    Asgard Fixed Income Fund has brought in 19% returns over the past year thanks to safe bond bets.
  4. Bond Funds Heat Up in Cooling Market (TLT, HYG)

    Bond funds rallied before and after the Fed's decision to raise interest rates, signaling disagreement about the U.S. growth ...
  5. 83(b) Election

    The 83(b) election is a provision under the Internal Revenue Code that gives an employee or founder the option to pay taxes ...
  6. Warren Buffett Pushes Investment in Israel Bonds (BRK.A)

    Buffett, billionaire head of Berkshire Hathaway, reportedly counts $5 million worth of Israeli bonds in his personal investments.
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  1. Drugmakers May Lose $390B In Sales Over 5 Years

    Drug stocks may be hurt by slashed sales and earnings as prices soften
  2. Famed Billionaire Oil Guru Andurand Lost 17% So Far in 2017

    Pierre Andurand lost 17.3% to his oil fund over the first five months of the year.
  3. Top 4 Coal-Mining Stocks as of June 2017

    Coal stocks have been quietly making money and may continue to do so in 2017.
  4. H&R Block Stock: Time to Consider Selling? (HRB, TAX)

    The tax prep company's shares are up 33.6% YTD. Is it time to take gains, or do fundamentals support the new valuation?
  5. A Nike-Amazon Deal is Near (NKE, AMZN)

    Nike-Amazon partnership is a potential disaster for sports retailers.
  6. U.S. Stock Growth: Europe Is Now the New America

    Profits in Red, White and Blue: U.S. stocks with European exposure may grow faster
  1. Brexit

    Brexit refers to Britain's leaving the European Union, which could happen in as few as two years.
  2. What are unregistered securities or stocks?

    Before securities, like stocks, bonds and notes, can be offered for sale to the public, they first must be registered with ...
  3. How does a company move from an OTC market to a major exchange?

    The over-the-counter market is not an actual exchange like the NYSE or Nasdaq. Instead, it is a network of companies that ...
  4. How do commercial banks use the 'money multiplier' to create money?

    Find out how commercial banks can expand the supply of money in an economy through the fractional reserve system, otherwise ...
  5. Stare Decisis

    Stare decisis is a legal principle which dictates that courts cannot disregard a determined standard and must uphold prior ...
  6. How does a cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) affect my salary?

    Learn how employers add cost-of-living adjustments to workers' salaries to offset the effects of inflation or aid in a lateral ...
Hot Definitions
  1. Leverage Ratio

    Any ratio used to calculate the financial leverage of a company to get an idea of the company's methods of financing or to ...
  2. Two And Twenty

    A type of compensation structure that hedge fund managers typically employ in which part of compensation is performance based. ...
  3. Market Capitalization

    The total dollar market value of all of a company's outstanding shares. Market capitalization is calculated by multiplying ...
  4. Expense Ratio

    A measure of what it costs an investment company to operate a mutual fund. An expense ratio is determined through an annual ...
  5. Mezzanine Financing

    A hybrid of debt and equity financing that is typically used to finance the expansion of existing companies. Mezzanine financing ...
  6. Long Run

    A period of time in which all factors of production and costs are variable. In the long run, firms are able to adjust all ...
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