Bonds & Fixed Income

  1. Rate Protection With Hedged Bond ETFs (IGHG, LQDH)

    Investors can stick with bonds even as rates rise. Just use these ETFs.
  2. A Shagadelic Idea for Short-Term Bonds (SHAG)

    This new bond ETF is an alternative to traditional low-duration exposure.
  3. BofA Sees 'Seismic Shift' in Stock Investing

    Investors have stepped up their use of dramatically more complex strategies, BofA says.
  4. Energy Sector in Hot Water, Defaults Keep Rising

    Fitch expects U.S. oil company default rates to pick up in 2017 despite stable oil prices.
  5. A Compelling Catalyst for Europe ETFs (HEDJ)

    Investors considering Europe ETFs should also look at price action in German bunds.
  6. Another Way to Think About Junk Bond ETFs (ANGL)

    Fallen angel bonds can be a fine complement or alternative to traditional high-yield bonds.
  1. Common Misconceptions About Bond Investing

    We share three fundamental misconceptions about bond investing that, according to new BlackRock research, are common.
  2. Do long-term bonds have a greater interest rate risk than short-term bonds?

    There is a greater probability that interest rates will rise within a longer time period than within a shorter period. One ...
  3. What's the difference between bills, notes and bonds?

    Treasury bills (T-Bills), notes and bonds are marketable securities that the U.S. government sells in order to pay off maturing ...
  4. Top 3 Investment Grade Corporate Bond ETFs (LQD, VCSH)

    If you’re looking for a hedge against a volatile stock market, these ETFs are worth a look.
  5. What the Bond Markets Tell Us About Reflation

    Global bond markets are flashing caution on the reflation trade. Yet we see the underlying reflationary dynamic as alive ...
  6. The Yield “Melt-Up” That Wasn’t

    Russ talks about why bond yields remain low this year, despite expectations of a rise.
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