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  1. More Than $1 Trillion Worth of Junk Debt Risk Faces Investors

    More than $1 trillion worth of junk debt is scheduled to mature between 2017 and 2021, according to Moody's.
  2. A Key Trump-Rally Indicator Starts to Crack

    Investors anticipate that inflation and GDP growth won't rise nearly as fast under Trump as expected
  3. Quality and Yield with this Bond ETF (ANGL)

    Data indicate this might be a better alternative to regular junk bond funds.
  4. Compelling Convertibles: A Soaring Bond ETF (CWB)

    The CWB Convertible Securities ETF could be the perfect solution for a rising rate environment.
  5. Investors Still Love Bond ETFs (EMB,LQD,TLT)

    A snapshot of the bond ETFs investors are choosing to invest into, even with a changing interest rate environment.
  6. ETFs Poised for $1.1 Trillion Asset Surge

    The Color of Money: Investopedia talks to PricewaterhouseCoopers about ETFs' Growth
  1. Interest Rates Explained: Nominal, Real, Effective

    Interest rates are divided into subcategories. Smart investors look beyond the nominal or coupon rate of a bond or loan to ...
  2. How Investors Can Prepare for a Bond Bear Market

    Fixed-income bond investors need to prepare for the upcoming bear market.
  3. Introduction to Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities (TIPS)

    If you want to protect your portfolio from inflation, all you need are a few TIPS.
  4. 4 Smart Beta Predictions for 2017

    Investors are more interested in smart beta strategies than ever after last year's tremendous growth. Sara talks about the ...
  5. How the Federal Reserve Impacts Investors Like You

    The Federal Reserve's decision on interest rates affects the whole economy.
  6. How Bond Market Pricing Works

    Learn the basic rules that govern how bond prices are determined.
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