Bonds & Fixed Income

  1. How Zombie ETNs Are Hurting Investors (OIL, AMJ)

    A number of exchange-traded notes are trading despite factors preventing them from creating new shares.
  2. Mortgage Hedging May Deepen Treasuries Rout

    Fed rate hikes may spur mortage bond owners to sell Treasuries to reduce their exposure to rising rates
  3. Bonds Backed by Risky Mortgages Earn AAA Rating

    Bonds backed by risky mortgage loans received AAA ratings by two ratings agencies less than ten years after the subprime ...
  4. Rising Interest Rates Hit Banks Balance Sheets

    The rising interest rates that have fueled bank stocks' rapid gains could also cause billions of dollars in unrealized losses ...
  5. The Trump Bump: Why Junk Is Surging (HYG, JNK)

    The junk bond market has held up since the election, and related ETFs have drawn significant inflows.
  6. MetWest Fund Dethrones PIMCO as World's Largest (MWTRX, PTTRX)

    MetWest's actively managed bond fund has dethroned its PIMCO rival.
  1. How liquid are money market accounts?

    Understand the characteristics that distinguish money market accounts from checking, savings account and money market funds ...
  2. Demystification of Bank Accounts

    Find out which type of bank account suits your specific needs.
  3. Fed Projections: Where Do Rates Go From Here?

    Don't put too much faith in forecasts.
  4. Weather Forecast, Near 100% Chance of a Rate Hike

    An examination of U.S. bond fund flow data since the last Fed meeting lays bare recent fixed income trends.
  5. Rise of the Robo Advisors

    The financial advisory business is facing an impending transformational change.
  6. Four Ways Boomers Benefit from Rising Rates

    Here are four ways that Baby Boomers can take advantage of rising interest rates.
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