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  1. Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (AIFMD)

    Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (AIFMD) is an EU regulation that applies to hedge funds, private equity funds ...
  2. Native Advertising

    Native advertising is promotional messaging that is crafted to blend in with the regular content on a platform.
  3. Geo-Targeting

    Geo-targeting refers to the ability for advertisers to place their marketing materials in a specific region or locale.
  4. Peak Oil

    A hypothetical date referring to the world's peak crude oil production, whereby following this day, production rates will ...
  5. Economic Indicators That Do-It-Yourself Investors Should Know

    Understanding these investing tools will put the market in your hands.
  6. Acquisition

    A corporate action in which a company buys most, if not all, of the target company's ownership stakes in order to assume ...
  7. How is the stock market affected by Thanksgiving and Black Friday?

    Thanksgiving and Black Friday sales numbers are considered to be important indicators for stock market activity throughout ...
  8. John McAfee: Investopedia Profile

    Investopedia columnist and Principal of GVA Research David Garrity sat down with John McAfee.
  9. Investor's Guide to Post-Golden Age Returns

    Dr. Mohamed El-Erian's advice for investing after the Golden Age of returns.
  10. B2B Robo Advisor

    A B2B Robo Advisor is a digital automated portfolio management platform that is aimed at financial advisors.
  11. Austerity

    A state of reduced spending and increased frugality. Austerity measures generally refer to the measures taken by governments ...
  12. Trumpcrash

    Trumpcrash refers to the turmoil caused in the financial markets on Election Day when Donald Trump's odds of winning rose.
  13. What happens when a circuit breaker is put into effect?

    A circuit breaker represents a situation where the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and National Association of Securities ...
  14. What do the S&P, Dow and Nasdaq futures contracts represent?

    Every morning before North American stock exchanges begin trading, TV programs and websites providing financial information ...
  15. What is the difference between Communism and Socialism?

    Learn how some countries are incorporating socialist methods into capitalism.
  16. Article 50

    Article 50 is a negotiation and settlement clause in the EU treaty that outlines the steps to be taken for any country that ...
  17. Peak Globalization

    Peak globalization is a theoretical point at which the trend towards more integrated world economies reverses or halts.
  18. What Is Purchasing Power Parity? (PPP)

    Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) is an economic theory that compares different countries' currencies through a market "basket ...
  19. European Banking Authority (EBA)

    The European Banking Authority (EBA) is a regulatory body that works to maintain financial stability in the European Union’s ...
  20. Common Equity Tier 1 (CET1)

    Common Equity Tier 1 (CET1) is a component of Tier 1 capital that consists mostly of common stock held by a bank or other ...
  21. Monti Bond

    Monti bonds are hybrid securities authorized by the Italian Treasury to aid failing banks.
  22. Global Macro Hedge Fund

    Global macro hedge funds are actively managed funds that attempt to profit from broad market swings resulting from political ...
  23. The Birth Of Stock Exchanges

    Learn how British coffeehouses helped give rise to the juggernaut that is the NYSE.
  24. Halloween's Effect on the Economy

    Discover some of the differing ways in which economists evaluate the impact of Halloween on the American economy and whether ...
  25. Haunting Wall Street: The Halloween Terminology Of Investing

    Beware of zombies and Jekyll and Hyde companies! Read about the spooky terms circulating Wall Street.
  26. Convertible Virtual Currency

    Convertible virtual currency is an unregulated digital currency that can be used as a substitute for real and legally recognized ...
  27. Closed Virtual Currency

    A closed Virtual Currency is an unregulated digital currency that is used as payment only within certain virtual communities. ...
  28. Second Life Economy

    The Second Life economy is a vibrant marketplace where virtual goods and services are bought and sold in a three-dimensional ...
  29. Supply Chain Attack

    A supply chain attack is a cyberattack that attempts to inflict damage to a company by exploiting vulnerabilities in its ...
  30. Chatbot

    A Chatbot is a computer program that simulates human conversation through voice commands or text chats or both.
  31. Split Payment

    Split payment is a means by which payment for a single order of goods or services is made using more than one payment methods. ...
  32. Micropayment

    Micropayments usually refer to amounts that are less than a dollar, and in some cases could even be a fraction of a cent.
  33. Coinjoin

    Coinjoin is an anonymization strategy that protects the privacy of Bitcoin users when they conduct transactions with each ...
  34. Chained Payment

    Chained Payment is a parallel method of payment that involves a sender making one payment to multiple recipients.
  35. Ransomware

    Ransomware is a cyber-extortion tactic that uses malicious software to hold a user’s computer system hostage until a ransom ...
  36. Botnet

    A Botnet is a network of internet-connected devices that have been compromised by hackers without the knowledge of the legitimate ...
  37. Data Breach

    A data breach is an unauthorized access and retrieval of sensitive information by an individual, group, or software system.
  38. Open Source

    An open source program is one whose source code can be modified or enhanced by anyone.
  39. Shale Band

    The shale band refers to a price level at which most North American deposits that can be accessed with hydraulic fracturing ...
  40. Regtech

    Regtech is a blend word of 'regulatory technology' that was created to address regulatory challenges in the financial services ...
  41. Sustainability

    Sustainability focuses on meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet ...
  42. What is GDP and why is it so important to economists and investors?

    The gross domestic product (GDP) is one the primary indicators used to gauge the health of a country's economy. It represents ...
  43. Denial Of Service Attack (DoS)

    An intentional cyberattack carried out on networks, websites and online resources in order to restrict access to its legitimate ...
  44. What is Wealth Transfer?

    As the Greatest Generation and Baby Boomers age, they're poised to leave their wealth to Millennials.
  45. What is the difference between positive and normative economics?

    Positive economics is objective and fact based, while normative economics is subjective and value based. Positive economic ...
  46. What is Fiscal Policy?

    Learn how governments adjust taxes and spending to moderate the economy.
  47. What's the difference between microeconomics and macroeconomics?

    Microeconomics is generally the study of individuals and business decisions, macroeconomics looks at higher up country and ...
  48. 5 Economic Concepts Consumers Need To Know

    A solid understanding of economics helps build a strong foundation in almost every area of life.
  49. Market Access

    Market access refers to the ability of a company or country to sell goods and services across borders.
  50. Clawback

    A clawback is an action whereby an employer or benefactor takes back money that has already been disbursed, sometimes with ...
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  1. Industry Handbook

    In this feature, we take an in-depth look at the various techniques that determine the value ...
  2. American Depositary Receipt Basics

    Thanks to American depositary receipts, investors now have a world of investing opportunities ...
  3. Moving Averages

    Discover one of the most reliable indicators in technical analysis and learn how to incorporate ...
  4. Basics Of Trading Systems

    A trading system can save time and take the emotion out of trading, but adopting one takes ...
  5. The Greatest Market Crashes

    From a tulip craze to a dotcom bubble, read the cautionary tales of the stock market's greatest ...
  6. A Guide To Conference Board Indicators

    Learn to put the CB data sets to trading use. Each chapter takes you through one of the board's ...
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