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  1. What is the difference between positive and normative economics?

    Positive economics is objective and fact based, while normative economics is subjective and value based. Positive economic ...
  2. What is Fiscal Policy?

    Learn how governments adjust taxes and spending to moderate the economy.
  3. What's the difference between microeconomics and macroeconomics?

    Microeconomics is generally the study of individuals and business decisions, macroeconomics looks at higher up country and ...
  4. 5 Economic Concepts Consumers Need To Know

    A solid understanding of economics helps build a strong foundation in almost every area of life.
  5. Market Access

    Market access refers to the ability of a company or country to sell goods and services across borders.
  6. Clawback

    A clawback is an action whereby an employer or benefactor takes back money that has already been disbursed, sometimes with ...
  7. Target Prices: The Key To Sound Investing

    Learn how to evaluate the legitimacy of target prices and why investors should trust these over ratings.
  8. Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)

    The Trans-Pacific Partnership is a proposed free trade agreement linking the United States and 11 other Pacific Rim economies. ...
  9. Purchasing Power

    The value of a currency expressed in terms of the amount of goods or services that one unit of money can buy.
  10. Brexit

    Brexit, an abbreviation of "British exit" that mirrors the term Grexit, refers to the possibility of Britain's withdrawal ...
  11. John McAfee: Investopedia Profile

    Investopedia columnist and Principal of GVA Research David Garrity sat down with John McAfee.
  12. Rebalancing

    The process of realigning the weightings of one's portfolio of assets. Rebalancing involves periodically buying or selling ...
  13. September Effect

    The September Effect refers to the historical weakness in stock market returns for the month of September.
  14. The Economics of Illicit Drug Trafficking

    As the debate about the war on drugs continues, a look at the economic costs of illicit drug trafficking.
  15. Inflationary Gap

    A macroeconomic condition that describes the distance between the current level of real gross domestic product (GDP) and ...
  16. In Specie

    A phrase describing the distribution of an asset in its present form, rather than selling it and distributing the cash. In ...
  17. Finance

    The science that describes the management, creation and study of money, banking, credit, investments, assets and liabilities. ...
  18. Economic Value

    The worth of a good or service as determined by people's preferences and the tradeoffs they choose to make given their scarce ...
  19. Currency Carry Trade

    A strategy in which an investor sells a certain currency with a relatively low interest rate and uses the funds to purchase ...
  20. Comps

    A buzzword that refers to a retail firm's comparable same-store sales. Comps compare the degree of revenue growth/decline ...
  21. Certainty Equivalent

    A guaranteed return that someone would accept, rather than taking a chance on a higher, but uncertain, return. If you've ...
  22. Buy To Cover

    A buy order made on a stock or other listed security that closes out an existing short position. A short sale involves selling ...
  23. Capital Control

    Any measure taken by a government, central bank or other regulatory body to limit the flow of foreign capital in and out ...
  24. Bureaucracy

    An administrative or social system that relies on a set of rules and procedures, separation of functions and a hierarchical ...
  25. Broad Money

    In economics, broad money refers to the most inclusive definition of the money supply. Since cash can be exchanged for many ...
  26. Brand Extension

    A common method of launching a new product by using an existing brand name on a new product in a different category. A company ...
  27. Barter

    The act of trading goods and services between two or more parties without the use of money. Bartering benefits companies ...
  28. Automatic Stabilizer

    Economic policies and programs that are designed to offset fluctuations in a nation's economic activity without intervention ...
  29. Baltic Dry Index - BDI

    A shipping and trade index created by the London-based Baltic Exchange that measures changes in the cost to transport raw ...
  30. Arbitrage Pricing Theory - APT

    An asset pricing model based on the idea that an asset's returns can be predicted using the relationship between that same ...
  31. Appropriation

    1. The act of setting aside money for a specific purpose. A company or a government appropriates funds in order to delegate ...
  32. Absolute Advantage

    The ability of a country, individual, company or region to produce a good or service at a lower cost per unit than the cost ...
  33. The Big Short Explained

    Oscar-nominated film the Big Short explains the complex financial instruments that helped fuel the financial crisis.
  34. Peak Stuff

    Peak stuff refers to the idea that a certain product has reached top interest and market penetration and cannot go any higher. ...
  35. What's a Bear Market? InvestoTrivia

    Can you define "bear market"?
  36. The Short and Distort: Stock Manipulation in a Bear Market

    High-quality stock reports needn't be confused with stock manipulators' dramatic claims.
  37. Short Sales For Market Downturns

    This strategy can help in market downturns, but it's not for inexperienced traders.
  38. When short selling, how long should you hold on to a short?

    Explore the reasons for short selling and the various factors that influence how long an investor may wish to maintain a ...
  39. 3 Ways You Can Invest in Mexico From the U.S. (EWW, QMEX)

    Don’t buy into the negative picture the media is painting about Mexico -- now might be a great time to invest.
  40. Trilemma

    A country cannot have free flow of capital, a fixed exchange rate and independent monetary policy simultaneously. By choosing ...
  41. What's a Dead Cat Bounce? InvestoTrivia

    Quiz: What does the financial phrase "Dead Cat Bounce" mean?
  42. Keynesian Put

    A Keynesian Put is the expectation that markets and the economy will be supported by fiscal policy stimulus measures.
  43. What Year Was the NYSE Formed? InvestoTrivia

    Quiz: What year was the NYSE formed?
  44. Bear Market: My Favorite Financial Term

    What's a bear market? Laurie Kamhi of LCK Wealth Management explains.
  45. The Great Millennial Wealth Shift

    Dr. Mohamed El-Erian shares his advice for the financial industry and younger generations poised to inherit trillions from ...
  46. Investor's Guide to Post-Golden Age Returns

    Dr. Mohamed El-Erian's advice for investing after the Golden Age of returns.
  47. Hazard Rate

    Hazard rate is the rate of death for an item of a given age (x). It is part of the hazard function, which analyzes the item's ...
  48. Income vs. Total Return: Withdrawals Reconsidered

    Here is what needs to be considered when deciding between an income or total return approach to withdrawals.
  49. Reshoring

    Reshoring is the process of returning the production and manufacturing of goods back to one's own country.
  50. Crack-Up Boom

    A crack-up boom is the crash of the credit system due to unlimited inflation, which results in an economic depression when ...
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  1. Industry Handbook

    In this feature, we take an in-depth look at the various techniques that determine the value ...
  2. American Depositary Receipt Basics

    Thanks to American depositary receipts, investors now have a world of investing opportunities ...
  3. Moving Averages

    Discover one of the most reliable indicators in technical analysis and learn how to incorporate ...
  4. The Greatest Market Crashes

    From a tulip craze to a dotcom bubble, read the cautionary tales of the stock market's greatest ...
  5. Basics Of Trading Systems

    A trading system can save time and take the emotion out of trading, but adopting one takes ...
  6. A Guide To Conference Board Indicators

    Learn to put the CB data sets to trading use. Each chapter takes you through one of the board's ...
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