Financial Analysis

  1. Will iBanks Follow J.P. Morgan Dividend Hike? (JPM, GS)

    Goldman Sachs may be perfectly positioned to boost its dividend, but Morgan Stanley is not.
  2. Stalling Healthcare Reform May Be Holding Up the Rally

    It appears that partisan gridlock over healthcare reform may be helping to derail the rally.
  3. Zillow May Have Violated Mortgage Regulations (Z, ZG)

    Zillow has rephrased disclaimers around its controversial mortgage referral business following concerns that the ads may ...
  4. The Market Cries Wolf on Disney's ESPN

    Investors and analysts are making a big deal about ESPN for no good reason.
  5. Is Moody’s Too Bullish on Oil Services? (OIH, SLB)

    Moody's changed its 2017 outlook on Oilfield Services to stable from negative.
  6. Bear Strategies: Credit Suisse's Market Pullback Plan

    Credit Suisse advises investors to buy drugs stocks, sell retailers and be ready to buy on the dips
  1. Manufacturing

    Manufacturing is the processing of raw materials into finished goods through the use of tools and processes.
  2. Top 8 Ways Companies Cook the Books

    Find out more about the fraudulent accounting methods some companies use to fool investors.
  3. Fee

    A fee is a fixed price charged for a specific service and is paid in lieu of a wage or salary.
  4. Understanding The P/E Ratio

    Learn what the price/earnings ratio really means and how you should use it to value companies.
  5. Investopedia's Oddest Business and Investing Terms

    The oddest business and investing terms found on Investopedia.
  6. It's All Relative When It Comes to Investing

    Deciding when to buy or sell should be based on an analysis of an investment, not a target price.
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