Financial Analysis

  1. Biotech Stocks On Verge Of Next Major Move Up

    A biotech breakout may be fueled by positive medical data and earnings
  2. Who Still Believes in Trump? The Stock Market

    Bullish on Trump: U.S. stocks overall are still rising on bets that the Trump tax reform, deregulation
  3. Dow Theory Gores Stock Market's Bears

    Bear Hunting: The Dow Jones Transportation Average's new high is a bullish indicator
  4. Netflix's Growth Will Surge In Amazon's Shadow

    Netflix can keep growing rapidly amid rivals Amazon and Time Warner's HBO
  5. Traders Profit on Collapse of Retail Stocks

    Day traders are among investors scooping up beaten-down shares of Macy's, Kohl's, Target and Nordstrom
  6. Cisco Is Overvalued, Don’t Believe the Bulls

    Cisco's shares have dramatically lagged the tech sector - for a good reason
  1. The Top 4 General Electric Shareholders (GE)

    Pay attention to whether the amount of stock awarded to General Electric’s largest shareholders provides a hint about the ...
  2. Put Dividends to Work in Your Portfolio

    Find out how a company can put its profits directly into your hands.
  3. Stock Buybacks: A Good Thing or Not?

    In recent years, the value of stock buybacks has come into question. Here we break down the trend and weigh the pros and ...
  4. The Top Tesla Shareholders (TSLA)

    Discover the four largest single shareholders of Tesla Motors, and learn about their backgrounds and how much their shares ...
  5. The Top 3 Netflix Shareholders (NFLX)

    Discover the top three owners of Netflix shares, and learn how the 30-person startup grew into a global streaming network ...
  6. The Next Subprime Crisis

    Record leases and huge inventories cloud this industry, while sub-prime delinquencies reach dangerous levels.
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