Financial Analysis

  1. Sarpeta Raises Offering After FDA Approval (SRPT)

    Sarepta has increased the amount of capital to be raised to $300 million in a public offering
  2. Performance: Major U.S.-traded Global Tech ETF (IXN)

    We take a look at the past and recent performance of the global technology ETF (IXN).
  3. Annex Shows Positive Parkinson's Drug Data (AVXL)

    Anavex Life Sciences’ ANAVEX 2-73 drug shows efficacy to support potential disease modification in Parkinson's disease
  4. Snapshot: Major U.S. Software Tech ETF (PSJ)

    Investors who specifically look for diversified exposure in U.S. software firms may have an interest in PSJ ETF. We take ...
  5. Performance Update of the Cybersecurity ETF (HACK)

    Investors who want to increase exposure to cybersecurity stocks may have an interest in the HACK ETF. We look at the fund’s ...
  6. Here's How Apple Has Been Traded by Hedge Funds (AAPL)

    While the company reported stronger-than-anticipated second-quarter results on stronger customer demand and business performance, ...
  1. The Hidden Portfolio Risk in Higher Rates

    We discuss the implications of a higher rate regime for your portfolio. The answer may surprise you.
  2. China Mobile to Expand Mobile Services (CHL, CBSH)

    While investors like Commerce Bank sells shares, China Mobile retains footing in 4G space, anticipates expansion.
  3. Wirehouse Broker

    A non-independent broker working for a wirehouse firm, or a firm with multiple branches such as a national brokerage house. ...
  4. Wirehouse

    An archaic term used to describe a broker-dealer. Modern-day wirehouses can range from small regional brokerages to giant ...
  5. Fair Value

    The estimated value of all assets and liabilities of an acquired company used to consolidate the financial statements of ...
  6. Philippe Laffont’s Q2 Picks (EXPE, FB)

    Philippe Laffont’s Coatue Management LLC invests in public and private equity markets. Founded in 1999, the firm invests ...
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