Financial Analysis

  1. Home Depot, Lowe's Seen Surging on Spending Boom

    Bad news on housing prices is great news for Home Depot, Lowe's and Best Buy
  2. Amazon 2Q: Can It Produce Consistent Earnings?

    Earnings may fall as revenues soar in the quest for growth
  3. Why These 10 Growth Stocks May Keep on Growing

    A top fund manager looks at return on assets to pick winners as the economy slows
  4. Amazon vs. Wal-Mart: Who Is Winning the Robot Wars

    Generic Robotic Hand: has 45,000 robots filling orders, while Wal-Mart is racing to catch up
  5. Facebook Preview: A Big Beat Could Fuel the Stock

    Facebook has a track record of beating estimates. Will that be good enough?
  6. McDonald's, NVIDIA, AMD May Surge on Weak Dollar

    Profits of big U.S. companies with large foreign sales should rise as the dollar falls
  1. What are the differences between gross profit and net income?

    Find out how companies determine gross profits and net income, and how these figures provide quick snapshots of their financial ...
  2. How does Twitter (TWTR) make money?

    Learn how Twitter earns revenue, including the company's use of three targeted advertising streams and data farming and licensing.
  3. The Top General Motors Shareholders (GM)

    Discover General Motors’ top four direct shareholders. Learn about how many shares they hold and obtain a brief description ...
  4. The Top 4 General Electric Shareholders (GE)

    Pay attention to whether the amount of stock awarded to General Electric’s largest shareholders provides a hint about the ...
  5. Put Dividends to Work in Your Portfolio

    Find out how a company can put its profits directly into your hands.
  6. Stock Buybacks: A Good Thing or Not?

    In recent years, the value of stock buybacks has come into question. Here we break down the trend and weigh the pros and ...
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