Financial Analysis

  1. Why Fed May Take a Summer Breather on Rate Hikes

    The Fed will probably raise rates twice late in 2017 before trimming its portfolio, BofA says.
  2. China Licensing Deal Helps Netflix Break Out

    Netflix strikes a deal to license original content to Alibaba subsidiary iQiyi in China.
  3. Chill Pill: Eli Lilly Cuts Guidance with Earnings

    Lilly trimmed its full-year GAAP EPS guidance, dragging shares lower today.
  4. The Folly of Dow Milestones

    The expected rise of the Dow to 20,000 is being watched with great anticipation by many investors, but the milestone holds ...
  5. Caterpillar Bulldozes Consensus Expectations

    Caterpillar's continuing recovery has delivered an excellent first quarter report this morning.
  6. Incoming! Defense Wary after LMT's Miss

    Lockheed's quarterly results were a bomb, but other defense industrial names have been shielded from blast damage so far.
  1. 3 Questions Before you Build your Investment Portfolio

    Your financial future is not something to be left to chance. It demands a well-constructed, goal-oriented investment portfolio, ...
  2. Satoshi

    One Bitcoin is divisible to eight decimal places (100 millionth of one Bitcoin), and this smallest unit is referred to as ...
  3. Vanguard CEO: High-Cost Active Management is Dead

    Vanguard Group CEO Bill McNabb says there's no place for high-cost active management in a future of lower average returns.
  4. The Top General Motors Shareholders (GM)

    Discover General Motors’ top four direct shareholders. Learn about how many shares they hold and obtain a brief description ...
  5. Millennials: Prevent a Bad Credit Score

    Here are five ways to help prevent getting a bad credit score that could affect future loan, credit card or mortgage approvals.
  6. Laissez-Faire

    An economic theory from the 18th century that is strongly opposed to any government intervention in business affairs.
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