Financial Analysis

  1. The Gold Rush Into Tech Is Still On (AAPL, GOOG, AMZN)

    Money pours into tech stocks amid rich valuations and worries that Trump's profit repatriation tax break won't happen
  2. Stocks: The "Buy On The Dip" Party May Be Over (SPX)

    The aging bull market and Trump's multiple crises make buying on the dip a lot riskier
  3. Marijuana Stock Winners of the Week (INSY)

    These are the only two companies in the sector with a market cap of $50 million+.
  4. Fed Rate Hike Bets Are Slashed on Weaker Economy

    The odds for two more Fed rate hikes in 2017 fell sharply on economic misses
  5. Famous "Big Short" Investor Goes Long on Banks (JPM, BAC, C)

    The "Big Short" investor who shorted banks before the financial crisis is now buying financial shares
  6. Calm Down, People! Over-Reacting to Equity Markets

    The mediasphere is over-reacting to a very small dip in equity markets.
  1. What is the difference between a capital expenditure and a revenue expenditure?

    Capital expenditures represent major investments of capital that a company makes to expand its business and generate additional ...
  2. What is the difference between revenue and income?

    Revenue is simply the total amount of cash generated by the sale of products or services associated with the company's primary ...
  3. How do I calculate the degree of operating leverage?

    The degree of operating leverage is a measure used to evaluate how a company's operating income changes with respect to a ...
  4. Amgen's Woes: It Could Always Be Worse! (AMGN, GILD, IBB)

    Amgen may need to do a major acquisition to revive is stock price longterm
  5. Why Ford's New Boss Faces a Rough Road Ahead (F, GM, TSLA)

    Ford's New CEO, Jim Hackett, must find a way to overhaul the automaker
  6. Top 4 Companies Owned by Google (GOOG)

    These four companies have become household names of their own and what they all have in common is being owned by Google.
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