Financial Analysis

  1. Why Amazon Is Losing to and Wal-Mart

    Victory Salute:'s stock growth is nearly triple's
  2. Disney-Netflix Divorce Signals Death of Cable

    Cable providers will become marginal in the evolving media landscape while Disney is sitting pretty.
  3. Snap Revenue to Reach $3B by 2020: Citi

    While Instagram has more users, and may get to $10B, Snapchat users spend more time online and may reach $3B in three years, ...
  4. These Techs Have Left FAANG Stocks in the Dust

    Mythic Dragon: China tech stocks' 56% gain this year is double the S&P techs
  5. Snap Needs a Strong 2Q to Stop Its Free Fall

    Edge of the Abyss: Snap's stock could plunge further if it fails to deliver
  6. How Amazon, Facebook May Crush the TV Networks

    Contact sport: Amazon, Facebook and Google can heavily outbid the networks for sports content
  1. What's the difference between the current account and the capital account?

    The current account considers goods and services currently being produced. The capital account is concerned with payments ...
  2. What is a company's worth, and who determines its stock price?

    A company's worth - its total value - is its market capitalization, and it is represented by the company's stock price. The ...
  3. Introduction To Employee Stock Purchase Plans

    ESPPs offer a very straightforward method of allowing employees to participate in the overall profitability of their employers. ...
  4. What is the Difference Between Gross Income and Earned Income?

    The difference between earned income and gross income is an important come tax time.
  5. What Are the Components of Shareholders' Equity?

    Understanding company valuation figures, such as shareholders' equity, is crucial in assessing a business.
  6. 5 Feared Figures in Finance

    Gates, Soros, Icahn, Rockefeller and Morgan didn't make their names on Wall Street because of their kind-heartedness.
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