Investing Basics

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  1. Making Client Success Your Own: Chicago

    American Century Investments Client Relationship Manager Taylor Ahern at the 2017 Chicago Marathon.
  2. Investing for Future Security: Chicago

    American Century Investments and Investopedia spoke with one Chicago Marathon finisher about completing his financial goals.
  3. The Best Real Estate REIT ETFs of 2017

    These ETFs may be a solid investment for those who want real estate exposure without the headaches.
  4. How To Become A Sophisticated Investor

    No one doubts the importance of investor education, but many investors are not really all that sophisticated.
  5. How to Calculate Required Rate of Return

    The required rate of return is used by investors and corporations to evaluate investments. Find out how to calculate it. ...
  6. 6 Investing Ideas to Consider Now

    It’s not too late to prepare portfolios for the remainder of 2017. Richard shares some investing ideas to consider now.
  7. Commodity Investing 101

    From the orange juice we drink to the gas we use to power our vehicles and heat our homes, commodities play important roles ...
  8. Pot Stock Winners of the Week

    Zynerba had a phenomenal week of trading off positive results from a cannabinoid-based drug trial.
  9. Top 5 Copper Stocks for 2017

    Rising copper prices may increase the value of copper stocks, but investors should look for stability and safety.
  10. Top 3 Healthcare Penny Stocks for 2017

    These three healthcare penny stocks are poised for positive performance in the remainder of 2017.
  11. Top 5 Monthly Dividend Stocks for 2017

    These companies have a long history of paying dividends monthly instead of quarterly.
  12. Top 3 Growth Stocks for 2017

    These three growth stocks have promising outlooks for the remainder of 2017.
  13. What are the primary differences between a closed end investment and an open end investment?

    Learn what the primary differences are between open-end investments and closed-end investments, and the implications for ...
  14. I Make $50K a Year: How Much Should I Invest?

    Find out how much to invest each year if your annual income is $50,000. The key is knowing the final benchmark for your retirement ...
  15. Top 4 Alternative Energy Stocks as of October 2017

    Some alternative energy stocks are making positive moves and could prosper in the remainder of 2017.
  16. Top 5 Gold ETFs as of October 2017

    Gold ETFs offer a convenient way to take advantage of the volatility of the precious metals market.
  17. What is the history of binary options?

    Discover the history of binary options trading, which is now one of the fastest growing investment market vehicles available ...
  18. Why the Restaurant Biz Has Narrow Profit Margins

    ...and why people still do it.
  19. How Domino Stock Has Risen over 2000% since 2010 (DPZ,AAPL,GOOG)

    What is the secret sauce that has made Domino's one of the best performing stock on the S&P since 2010?
  20. 3 Investing Themes to Focus On in Q4

    We see three key interrelated themes shaping economies and markets in the fourth quarter.
  21. Protect Retirement Money from Market Volatility

    The economy has its ups and downs. Investors who take a disciplined approach and diversify their portfolios are better prepared ...
  22. Who is Nelson Peltz?

    One of the most successful activist investors in the financial world, Nelson Peltz has bought out under-performing companies ...
  23. Naive Diversification Vs. Optimization

    Informed, logical diversification is just as effective as optimizing models. Find out why.
  24. Warren Buffett's Bear Market Maneuvers

    This esteemed investor rarely changes his long-term investing strategy, no matter what the market does.
  25. Focus on Economic Growth and Inflation When Investing

    Don't get distracted by the headlines, focus on economic growth and inflation when investing.
  26. 7 Deadly Mistakes to Avoid When Investing

    Avoiding these seven investing mistakes may help you keep more of your hard-earned money.
  27. 3 Ways to Get Better Retirement Returns in the Next 20 Years

    With investment returns projected to decline over the next 20 years, savers may need to tweak their plans to ensure better ...
  28. Top 4 Small-Cap Stocks for 2017

    Looking at growth outlooks and price targets, these four small-cap stocks could have be stellar for the rest of 2017.
  29. Boomers: Top 4 Safest Investments for Your Portfolio

    Once you get to retirement age, preserving your portfolio becomes a critical issue. The important thing is to balance growth ...
  30. How long should you hold on to a short?

    Explore the reasons for short selling and the various factors that influence how long an investor may wish to maintain a ...
  31. How Will Your Investment Make Money?

    Discover the basic types of investment income and which asset classes pay them.
  32. Why doesn't Warren Buffett split Berkshire Hathaway stock?

    Warren Buffet's fundamental approach to investing explains his no-split policy on Berkshire Hathaway stock.
  33. Top 4 Marijuana Stocks to Watch

    These four stocks are top picks that capitalize on the marijuana industry.
  34. Chart of the Week: Opportunities Emerge as Central Banks Diverge

    Contrasting inflation outlooks in the U.S. and eurozone suggest further monetary policy divergence, creating opportunities ...
  35. Don't Discredit Financial Planning for Millennials

    Founder & President at Your Greatest Contribution (YGC) and CNBC Financial Advisor Rianka Dorsainvil, CFP® on advising ...
  36. 4 Steps To Creating A Better Investment Strategy

    Make your trading safer and more streamlined by following these simple guidelines.
  37. Financial Engineering

    Financial engineering is the use of mathematical techniques to solve financial problems.
  38. Mutual Fund

    An investment vehicle, overseen by a money manager, that is made up of a pool of money collected from many investors to invest ...
  39. An Example of Dividends in Arrears

    Learn about the concept of dividends in arrears and which shares of stock guarantee payment of accrued dividends even if ...
  40. How is it possible to trade on a stock you don't own, as is done in short selling?

    Understand how the process of short selling allows a person to sell a stock without technically owning it.
  41. What is the difference between arbitrage and hedging?

    Dive into two very important financial concepts: arbitrage and hedging. See how each of these strategies can play a role ...
  42. Parsing the ECB’s Next Move

    Jeff details our take on the European Central Bank’s expected policy shift and its potential market implications.
  43. Sainsbury Family Net Worth

    Sainsbury's success in the grocery industry has made its founding family wealthy.
  44. How To Be a Conservative Investor

    It may not be exciting, but conservative investing is an extremely safe bet.
  45. What was the first stock Warren Buffett ever bought?

    Learn some the important basic principles of investing illustrated by Warren Buffett's first experience in stock market trading.
  46. Top 4 Alternative Energy Companies as of October 2017

    These companies are world leaders in alternative energy and offer a relatively stable investment opportunity.
  47. Top 4 Natural Gas Stocks as of October 2017

    These four companies that develop natural gas may be looking at a strong last quarter of 2017.
  48. Crystallization

    Crystallization is the act of selling and buying stocks almost instantaneously in order to increase or decrease book value.
  49. Look Overseas For Fixed Income Investment Options

    After years of underperforming U.S. alternatives, international equities are shining brighter.
  50. Top 4 Coal-Mining Stocks as of October 2017

    Coal stocks have been quietly making money and may continue to do so in 2017.
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