Investing Basics

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  1. Why Employees Need an Investment Policy Statement

    Here's why having an investment policy statement is helpful if you have equity compensation.
  2. 3 Ways to Prepare for a Market Downturn

    No one knows when a market downturn will occur or how long it will last, so it pays to be prepared.
  3. Stock Buybacks: A Good Thing or Not?

    In recent years, the value of stock buybacks has come into question. Here we break down the trend and weigh the pros and ...
  4. Are dividends the best way to make money for retirement?

    Using dividends for retirement income can provide a hedge against a variety of risks, but investors need to be aware of the ...
  5. How Absolute Return Funds Differ from Mutual Funds

    Absolute return funds use strategies that are more complex than traditional mutual funds.
  6. What are Options Contracts?

    An explanation of options contracts, call options and put options.
  7. How to Diversify With a Style-Based Approach

    Investors who want a truly diversified portfolio should also consider diversifying by style.
  8. Who is Nelson Peltz?

    One of the most successful activist investors in the financial world, Nelson Peltz has bought out under-performing companies ...
  9. Top 3 ETFs for Investing in Water in 2017

    It may be time to look at a scarce commodity that isn't getting the investor attention it deserves.
  10. Top 5 Real Estate ETFs for 2017

    These ETFs may be solid investments for those who want real estate exposure without the headaches.
  11. All That Glitters: Top 3 Silver ETFs of 2017

    You can profit from the price movement of silver without physically owning the metal.
  12. Top 3 Investment-Grade Corporate Bond ETFs

    If you're seeking a hedge against a volatile stock market, these bond ETFs are worth a look.
  13. Top 5 Copper Stocks for 2017

    Rising copper prices may increase the value of copper stocks, but look for stability and safety.
  14. Top 4 Healthcare Mutual Funds for 2017

    The healthcare sector is strong this year, despite earlier uncertainty over the ACA. Check out these top healthcare mutual ...
  15. Top Defensive Consumer Stocks for 2017

    These 4 defensive consumer stocks can add stability to your portfolio.
  16. Top 3 Healthcare Penny Stocks For 2017

    These three penny health care stocks are poised for a positive 2017.
  17. Investors: "All We Need Is Just a Little Patience"

    Here's why practicing patience can give you a huge edge over other investors.
  18. ETFs vs. Mutual Funds: Why Investment Fees Matter

    How much can investors save in fees by replacing mutual fund holdings with ETFs?
  19. Top 4 Consumer Cyclical Stocks for 2017

    Choose consumer cyclical stocks carefully if you want to prosper in the current economic expansion.
  20. Pot Stock Winners of the Week

    It was a banner week for pot stocks, but these names in particular stood out.
  21. Top 3 Healthcare Stocks for 2017

    These 3 healthcare stocks began 2017 in an upward trend and may continue.
  22. Vanguard's Tim Buckley on Being a Leader

    As Vanguard's Chief Investment Officer, and soon-to-be CEO, Tim Buckley has had several mentors while developing his leadership ...
  23. Top 4 Cosmetics Stocks of 2017

    The cosmetics industry may sell "hope in a jar," but do the market leaders do the same for your portfolio? Check the top ...
  24. 3 Often Overlooked Areas of Financial Risk

    Here are three areas of risk many successful executives often overlook.
  25. Private Equity Real Estate Funds vs. REITs

    REITs and Private Equity Real Estate Funds are two different ways to invest in real estate.
  26. The Concierge Approach to Healthcare

    Healthcare is an asset class that everyone should spend time reviewing.
  27. Top 3 British Pound ETFs

    If you're betting on a recovery after Brexit, you might want to consider these British pound ETFs.
  28. What is Ethereum?

    Ethereum is a peer-to-peer network of virtual machines that any developer can use to run distributed applications (Dapps). ...
  29. 3 Investing Themes Shaping the Second Half

    We discuss three important themes that argue today’s low “fear” gauge levels signaling complacency and meaning we should ...
  30. 3 Asset Allocation Takeaways from Our Investor Survey

    Kate shares some asset allocation ideas based on the results of BlackRock’s recent survey of 4,000 Americans.
  31. How McDonald's Makes its Money (MCD) (FB, MCD)

    Even when it has an underperforming year, McDonald’s is still one of the most profitable companies around.
  32. Top 4 Inverse ETFs for a Bear Market as of July 2017

    These 4 bear market ETFs will keep you safe when the market drops. Being inverse ETFs, they could make money if the market ...
  33. Top 3 Growth Stocks as of July 2017

    These three growth stocks have promising outlooks for 2017 if you're looking to review and rebalance your portfolio.
  34. Top 4 Small-Cap Stocks as of July 2017

    Looking at growth outlooks and price targets, these four small-cap stocks could have a stellar rest of 2017.
  35. Top 4 Leveraged S&P 500 ETFs as of July 2017

    Investors with high risk tolerance aiming to capitalize on a volatile space may like these funds.
  36. Top 3 Solar Stocks as of July 2017

    Despite the slump so far this year, solar is still an attractive option for many long-term investors. Here are some stocks ...
  37. Top 3 ETFs That Track the Dow as of July 2017

    Tracking blue chip stocks of the DJIA is simple with these 3 exchange-traded funds.
  38. Top 5 Semiconductor ETFs for 2017

    See why these 5 stellar semiconductor ETFs separated themselves from the pack in 2017.
  39. Top 4 Natural Gas Stocks of 2017

    These four companies that develop natural gas may be looking at a strong second half of 2017.
  40. Top 4 Long-Term Infrastructure Stocks for 2017

    President Trump is promising major infrastructure spending, and these long-term infrastructure stocks are positioned to outperform.
  41. The World's Top 4 Alternative Energy Companies in 2017

    These companies are world leaders in alternative energy, providing a relatively stable investment opportunity in alternative ...
  42. Top 3 ETFs for Long-Term Investors in 2017

    Long-term investors may find these buy-and-hold ETFs very appealing.
  43. Top 5 India ETFs for 2017

    For investing exposure to Indian markets, explore these top 5 India exchange-traded funds (ETFs).
  44. Top 5 Alternative Energy ETFs for 2017

    ETFs that focus on alternative energy have not produced positive returns but these 5 show promise.
  45. Top 3 ETFs to Track the S&P 500 for 2017

    If you're looking for exposure to the country's largest market caps, these index ETFs are a good place to start.
  46. Top 5 Gold ETFs for 2017

    Gold ETFs offer a convenient way to take advantage of the volatility of the precious metals market.
  47. Top 4 Coal-Mining Stocks for 2017

    Coal stocks have been quietly making money and may continue to do so in 2017.
  48. Top 4 ETFs to Track the Nasdaq in 2017

    Investors seeking exposure to the tech sector may want to check out these Nasdaq ETFs.
  49. Top 4 Alternative Energy Stocks for 2017

    Some alternative energy stocks are making positive moves and could have a prosperous 2017.
  50. Net Neutrality Issue (Again): Pros and Cons

    FCC's chairman, Ajit Pai, is taking up the fight against net neutrality.
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